Tina Turner And Husband Erwin Bach Buy A $76M Swiss Estate

Tina Turner left the USA decades ago after she started seeing Erwin Bach, her lifelong love and now-husband. She married Erwin in 2013 following years of residing abroad and even abandoned her US citizenship. The pair paid $76 million for just a 10-building riverfront estate facing Lake Zürich in September, in their recent effort to extend their holdings in Switzerland, where they often live full-time. Tennis player Roger Federer explored purchasing the estate before choosing a bigger place in the very same Staefa Village community outside Zürich. The 82-year-old singer’s husband, a German native, stated in an interview that the relocation was done after they both received Swiss citizenship.

After years of bliss together, Tina Turner and Erwin Bach invested $75 million in a ten-building estate overlooking Lake Zurich. After they both attained their Swiss nationality, the relocation was completed after Tina abandoned her US citizenship.

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In an interview, Bach claimed they feel at ease living in Switzerland. Unfortunately, like any other native Swiss citizen, they cannot travel anywhere due to the pandemic and its effects. Bach went ahead and also claimed they plan to use the 240,000-square-foot estate as a brand new weekend refuge in the direct proximity. On the shores of Lake Zürich, the millennium, 260,000-square-foot property boasts its river, lake, and pier. A secluded pond, stream, pool house, and boat dock are among the estate’s features. For generations, the two rented a place near Kuesnacht, far outside Zürich, named Chateau Algonquin, before they were granted Swiss citizenship. Non-residents are still unable to acquire property in Switzerland, according to Swiss law, and anyone wishing to do so faces significant limitations to purchase any property. In an unearthed clip from a 1997 conversation with the legendary Larry King, Turner said that one of the primary reasons she abandoned the United States was because of her status, according to New York Post.

She departed America because her success was in another country, and her boyfriend was from another country, citing the fame of “Private Dancer” in the United Kingdom as a motivator. In general, Europe has always been a huge supporter of her music. Despite having lived all around Europe, she settled in Switzerland, stating to King in the same conversation that her long-term spouse was a big reason for her selection. In a statement to the media, Turner stated that their newly acquired mansion occurred a month before she managed to sell her colossal song archive to German music firm BMG for $50 million. Turner hasn’t performed in more than 13 years. Turner had become an unexpected rock icon at the age of 44, following the launch of her fifth album, “Private Dancer,” her 1984 solo success, with her distinctive bright sequins, voluminous hair, and loud vocals, according to SK Pop.

Turner received numerous prizes and honors during her solo work, namely eight Grammys, and was elected into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, her second admission after already being honored as part of Ike & Tina Turner.

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