Tiny Buys T.I. A Sexy ‘After Hours’ Father’s Day Gift – Why She’s Letting Him Out Of The Doghouse

Even though T.I. and Tiny are in a rough patch, she’s still planning a super sexy surprise to celebrate Father’s Day. We’ve go the hot gift she has in store for her man.

T.I. is still in the doghouse with wife Tiny Harris after she caught him creeping on alleged former lover Bernice Burgos‘ Instagram. While she’s still pretty upset, he is the dad to their three beloved kids, sons King, 13, and Major, 10, as well as daughter Heiresss, 2 — and she wants him to have a special Father’s Day. “Tiny had a huge surprise party planned for Tip for Father’s Day but she cancelled it because things with them are a little rocky at the moment. She decided it was best not to have a whole gang of people over so instead it’s just going to be them and the kids celebrating together, more low key. It’s still going to be a huge step up from last Father’s Day when they were split up,” a source close to the Xscape singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Things might not be perfect between them right now but they’re sure a lot better than last year. Tip has a show on Saturday night so he won’t be getting home until early Sunday morning. The kids will probably drag him out of bed early. They’re always excited to give him their gifts. Tiny got him  gift too, a hot new freakum dress to wear after hours. He’s been in the doghouse with her lately but she’s going to let him out for Father’s Day,” our insider adds.

Tip’s a lucky guy because Tiny has been looking all sorts of hot these days. She wore a sexy black dress for a girls night out on the town in Atlanta on June 6. She appeared thrilled to be going out without T.I.and she probably bent her pals’ ears about her current man problems. At least the couple is still together, unlike last Father’s Day when they were split up and moving forward with a divorce! Tip is always saying via his social media that his greatest reward in life is his children so no doubt Father’s Day is a big deal for him. He even shared an Instagram inspirational post on June 13 that read “Kids need a father they can brag about.” His six children certainly have one!

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