Tiny Completely Supports T.I.’s Outspoken Rants: She Finds Him ‘Sexiest’ When He’s ‘Passionate’

No matter what, Tiny will always be a supportive wife to Tip! HL hears exclusively that she finds his recent response to his arrest and his rant after seeing an innocent woman attacked to be super endearing.

Just a week after T.I., 37, was arrested for public intoxication and hours after he blasted a security guard for attacking an innocent woman, we’re hearing Tiny, 42, is standing by her man no matter what! The rapper just spoke out about his arrest, claiming to The Blast that his arrest was “racially motivated” and he was locked up for being an affluent African-American celebrity. Then, today, T.I. took to Instagram to go on a rant after seeing a security guard allegedly attack a female in a Houston restaurant bathroom. Although she loves that her man is riled up and passionate, Tiny is a little worried about something bad happening to her man. “Tiny is worried sick about Tip, but at the same time shes proud that he’s getting so heavily involved with activism. Tiny is terrified that Tip will get arrested, or something even worse will happen to him, but she knows how important it is for him to fight for those who haven’t got a voice, and so she would never tell him to reign it in,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com. “Tiny thinks Tip is at his sexiest when he’s riled up and passionate, and she loves that he’s fighting for a better future for their children, as well as other African American children. Tiny loves Tip more than ever, and she feels lucky to be the wife of such a strong, fearless, and principled man.” Aww!

Tiny was in contact with Tip as he was being arrested last Wednesday, according to Steve Sadow‘s statement on behalf of T.I.””Tiny” confirmed that Tip should be let in immediately,” but the community guard refused, without reason. As for the assault change, T.I. told The Blast that the only “assault” that took place, was that the guard “may have been hurt by my words.” The whole scuffle started when Tip busted on the security guard for falling asleep on the job. It escalated from there when the guard called the police.

We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of T.I.’s wild arrest! He added that he expects all charges to be dropped and will be pursuing legal action against his home owners’ association.

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