Tom Brady Yells 'Do Your Job' at New England Patriots Teammates — But it Has a Deeper Meaning

Tom Brady had a stern message for his New England Patriots teammates on Sunday: “Do your job!”

The veteran quarterback, 41, was caught on camera yelling those words from the sidelines when the Patriots fell two touchdowns behind the Jacksonville Jaguars, as the teams faced off at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

Patriots fans are very familiar with hearing that phrase, of course. Originated back in the ’90s, it has became the mantra of head coach Bill Belichick, according to the Boston Globe, and inspires the team to hold each other accountable — too themselves, and each other.

Brady wasn’t the only one coming down hard on the Patriots.

Josh McDaniels, the 42-year-old offensive coordinator for the team, also got heated with the players — gathering them together and yelling at them.

Sadly, the affirmations didn’t seem to have their desired effect. The Patriots would go on to lose to the Jaguars, 31-20.

Brady explained away the loss as “a bad day.”

“You have a bad day against a good team, that’s a recipe for losing,” he told Boston radio station WEEI 93.7 FM after the game. “We certainly had a bad day.”

“You’ve got to learn from bad days,” Brady added. “Things just don’t magically happen, you’ve got to make them happen. All of us have to have more urgency to do things right more often over the course of practices and games. And then it’s a matter of us going out and executing. But it was us. First couple of drives, it was us.”

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