Tommy Lee & Son Brandon’s Social Media War: Why They’re Making Their Fight So Public

Tommy Lee and son Brandon Lee continue to fight online – for everyone to see! As the drama gets uglier, a relationship expert EXCLUSIVELY reveals that there’s a reason behind this messiness.

There’s airing dirty laundry, and then what’s going on between Tommy Lee, 55, and Brandon Lee, 22. They’ve dumped over the washing machine and burned the Laundromat to the ground with their drama. The two got into it again around Father’s Day, throwing shade on social media. With the drama getting uglier and uglier, why do they continue to do it online instead of – you know – behind closed doors? “The key thing that relates to Tommy and Brandon and most people that do this is poor impulse control,” Dr. Jenn Mann, author of The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection & Intimacy, EXCLUSIVELY tells

“And number two is anger or hurt feelings,” Dr. Jenn tells “People who have low level communication skills at home are far more likely to lash out publicly because they don’t have the ability to have productive conversations one on one. When you’ve got someone that is volatile with poor impulse control, low communication skills and a high profile that gives them the ability to lash out and hurt other, often times they do just that.”

“Obviously what should have happened in their situation is that Tommy should have said to his son, ‘it really hurt my feeling that you didn’t call me on Father’s Day’ and his son can say ‘yeah, well you haven’t been a good dad and have hurt my feelings too,’ “ Dr. Jenn added. “And then Tommy should say lets get into a therapist and start taking about this and work it out but clearly, they don’t have those kind of communication skills. If they did they wouldn’t been in this position to begin with.”

Of course, at being 55, Tommy needs to kind of – as Brandon said – be the “adult” in this situation. “The adult sets the tone in the relationship and it is the adults job to teach children communication skills so to me the blame falls on Tommy,” Dr. Jenn said. “His son is old enough to be responsible for his behavior but clearly they are operating on a Neanderthal level.”

Yeah, had Tommy and Brandon used their words, they would have avoided the mess that went down on Father’s Day. Tommy, in his tribute to his dad, shaded his son and his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, saying she enabled Brandon and Dylan Jagger Lee’s bad behavior by spoiling them with gifts. Brandon responded online with a furious rant about Tommy — “please stop posting all of this on social media, it’s making us all act like kids. Let’s just drop it dude.” — including a plea to “keep this private.” Yet, Brandon then posted-and-deleted a video of an unconscious Tommy from their alleged fight? Okay. Tommy clapped back by claiming he shelled out $130k for Brandon’s rehab, and said he son needs to stop acting like a victim.

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