Top tips and tricks to combat jet lag

SINGAPORE – Using earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones and taking naps during flights are the two most common methods used by travellers to help themselves beat jet lag.

According to a survey by Qantas airline, 60 per cent of respondents chose to take naps, while 54 per cent opted for earplugs or headphones.

The research is part of ongoing studies Qantas airlines is conducting with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre to identify scientifically backed methods of reducing fatigue.

Their preliminary findings, released on Friday (Oct 18), involved 463 participants on flights into and out of Australia which had durations of between nine and 17 hours.

Another 39 per cent consumed healthy food after alighting, while 38 per cent chose to drink alcohol while on board.

Dr Yu Sun Bin, a sleep researcher at the University of Sydney said: “Drinking more than a few glasses of alcohol might make us fall asleep faster but beyond a certain point, it also disrupts the quality of sleep and causes dehydration.”

On the other hand, “going outdoors for sunlight at the destination is one of the most important strategies for syncing the body clock”, she added in the statement.

Only 47 per cent of travellers made a conscious effort to venture into the sunlight upon their arrival at their destination, suggesting a lack of awareness surrounding strategies to combat jet lag.

Some strategies that have already been implemented for passengers on Qantas’ longest flight- Perth to London, which takes 17 hours and 20 minutes – include light therapy to help passengers adjust to the shift in time zone, outdoor areas in both the Perth Transit Lounge and airport terminal to provide exposure to natural light, and a Wellbeing Studio, also in the lounge, that encourages passengers to stretch.

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