‘Total Bellas’ Recap: Nikki Starts To Get Cold Feet As Her Wedding To John Cena Approaches

On the May 27 episode of ‘Total Bellas,’ Nikki Bella gets major anxiety while planning her wedding to John Cena. But how does he react to her cold feet? Here’s our recap!

Episode two of Total Bellas kicks off with exciting news for Nikki Bella — she’s been cleared by the WWE to wrestle again!. However, in her personal life, Nikki is still dealing with the struggle of wanting kids, but knowing her fiancee, John Cena, does not want to be a dad. The wedding planning is going full steam ahead, though, which sparks a discussion about honesty in Nikki and John’s relationship. First, Nikki tells John’s best friend, Rob, that he’s going to be the Best Man in the wedding…without filling John in first. Then, she admits to John that her dream wedding would take place in Napa Valley, even though she previously agreed to tying the knot in his Massachusetts hometown. John is on-board with Rob being his Best Man and having a wedding in Napa, but he’s concerned about the fact that Nikki has not been truthful with him about these things.

The discussion is tabled when family members arrive ahead of the pair’s engagement party. It turns out, someone else has news to share — Nikki and Brie’s brother, JJ’s, wife, Lauren, is pregnant! She decides to only confide in Brie about the news, though, since she wants the weekend to be all about Nikki and John. Luckily, there’s another opportunity for all eyes to be on the bride-to-be…when she goes wedding dress shopping! However, in her confessional, Nikki admits she’s not as excited about the milestone experience as she should be.

The engagement party brings Nikki even more anxiety, but she promises John that she’ll stop worrying about what might go wrong and focus on enjoying herself. He’s clearly concerned about her pre-wedding jitters, though, and lets her know that if she wants to back out of the wedding, that’s fine with him…she just needs to let him know. She’s not ready for that just yet, but is admittedly unable to get herself excited about the party. When the bash begins, John is laughing and hugging everyone, having a great time. However, Nikki confesses that she finds she’s forcing herself to smile and be happy about the celebration, but she can’t pinpoint why.

Later, Brie urges Lauren to blurt out that she and JJ are expecting…right in the middle of Nikki and John’s big party. As if Nikki wasn’t already stressed and upset enough, she now has to be reminded that yet another person around her is pregnant, while she’ll never have kids herself. It’s so overwhelming, that Nikki has to step away from the party for a minute, and she admits that she doesn’t want to go through life without having a baby.

After the party, John knows there’s something bothering his fiancee. She brushes it off, but eventually, knows she can’t hold it in any longer — during a trip to Napa, Nikki finally comes clean about her feelings. Through tears, she reveals why she’s seemed so distant lately: Having a niece has made her want kids more than ever, and she just doesn’t know if she won’t regret sacrificing that. John is understanding about the situation, but explains that he’s not surprised — because he told her so many times that this would happen. The episode ends with him suggesting they call off the wedding, and we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens next…

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