Trainer Creates Intense Ab Workout That Will Definitely Show Results

Keep your body in top shape with a killer workout that will have your abs looking better than ever.

Tanya Poppett, a fitness trainer in Sydney Australia, has developed a core workout that can get your abs looking fit and fine. We all know the typical ab workouts from crunches; sit-ups, planks and more; however, many of us fail to get the results we’re looking for. Whether you’re in it for the Instagram pics or getting into a health kick, this workout will transform your abs, but it won’t be easy!

Poppett took to her personal Instagram to show off various exercises you can do to work on your abdominal area. These variations of ab workouts include standard core exercises with a fun mix that will undoubtedly leave you feeling sore for a few days. What exactly does Poppett suggest you to do? Well, the Australian trainer showcased some interesting moves in her video, one of which included wall planks.

We’re all familiar with the standard 60 or so second plank on the floor, but Poppett is taking it up a notch, and introducing the wall plank. If that weren’t enough, she is also throwing in some other exercises including a Pallof shuffle, hollow dead bugs, shoulder tap leg lifts, and a stationary bear crawl. No idea what you just read? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many of these terms and concepts are quite foreign to the average person, but are a lot simpler than you’d think!


? CORE VARIATIONS ?? Improving my core strength has been a big focus of mine lately (you may have noticed with all the Dead Bug variations I’ve been doing ?). A lot of the progress I’ve noticed has actually come down to changing the way I breathe and now learning to apply that in my training. I usually start my day with some sort of core + mobility work and finish most sessions with it as well. Here are some variations of my favourite traditional core moves. ✖️Moving Wall Planks ✖️Pallof Shuffle ✖️Hollow Dead Bugs ✖️Shoulder Tap Leg Lift ✖️Stationary Bear Crawl If you’d like some structure to these movements, try between 10-20 reps of each with adequate recovery between 30-90 seconds. 2-3 rounds. Don’t perform these moves till failure. If you feel you’re fatiguing and form is dropping stop and recover.

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Tanya suggests doing between 10 and 20 reps of each exercise with enough time to recover in between (Tanya recommends on average of 30 to 90 seconds in between each set). It doesn’t stop there! The fitness trainer continued to say how each move should be given a go for two to three rounds each. Although she’s trying to push you and your abs, Tanya is adamant about not going too hard if you can’t. If you’re feeling unable to keep up the form, Tanya says to stop and recover before trying again.

These exercises are meant to “build up your core strength and improve mobility” Tanya wrote in her Instagram caption. She also mentioned how improving her core strength has “been a big focus of mine lately. A lot of the progress I’ve noticed has actually come down to changing the way I breathe and now learning to apply that in my training,” she wrote.

It certainly doesn’t sound easy, but simple enough to get your body in the shape you want it to. Check out Tanya’s Instagram account for more fitness inspiration and workout tips!


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