Traveller sisters have £30k wardrobe so big they store it in a separate building

A pair of traveller sisters have revealed that they have so much designer gear that they have a separate house just to store it all.

It’s packed full of £5,000 Chanel bags, 80 pairs of shoes, diamond jewellery and 20 sunglasses sets.

Caitlin, 19, and Lizzy Mac, 20, live in a trailer, but converted their summerhouse into a walk-in wardrobe.

They use it to store their enormous collection of outfits, dresses and accessories.

And, they often redesign clothes they’re bored on and turn them into something new.

Lizzy told Fabulous: “We have over twenty designer bags and over eighty pairs of heels, and about ten designer belts, as well as our clothes and jewellery in there. "

She continued: “We have a summer house, which we built opposite our trailer and it is dedicated to our closet, with everything that a girl needs all kept in there.

“We have a sofa in there also, so we can get comfy when we are getting ready.”

The pair claim that traveller girls like to make a “statement” wherever they go – and clothes play a big part in that.

All of the designer goodies, which include at least fourteen pairs of Louboutins, four pairs of Jimmy Choo, five Louis Vuitton bags, 12 Chanel bags, along with Gucci and Chanel belts are gifts from their parents.

The value of all the designer items the sisters own is around £30,000.

According to Caitlin, their shoe collection is "probably the most expensive thing" they own.

She added: “My favourite shoe drawer is the diamante encrusted heels drawer, I love the bling and you know we have to have a pair in every colour.”

They also have three drawers just for their Louboutins – one for nudes, one for black shoes and one for all the rest.

And, the sisters even have crystal tiaras, crowns, Chanel earrings and gold rings locked away.

Plus, tonnes of pricey sunglasses and belts.

The duo don’t just buy designer though and love brands like Pretty Little Thing, Asos, Oh Polly, Boohoo, Missguided and I Saw It First.

The sisters like to match their outfits with one another and so often have two colours of everything.

It’s important to keep up appearances at birthday parties, weddings and meet ups because thats when young travellers meet their future husbands.

And, they insist fashion has moved on from the days of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."

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Lizzy said: “Everyone remembers the travellers from My Big Fat Gypsy wedding and they think that is the fashion we have no, but that was like 10 years ago.

"That was very tacky and too many diamonds and things like that.

“But be honest, I think nobody has style in the noughties, so don’t even come for us. That was back then.”

The duo now post their fun and fashionable outfits on Instagram and TikTok – follow them here.

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