Travis Scott Fights Off His Own Security Guards In Concert As He Tries To Invite Fan On Stage

Ouch! During the Rolling Loud festival, Travis Scott found himself going toe-to-toe with his own security team after the guards attacked a fan Travis had just invited to join him on the stage!

As Travis Scott, 25, and Quavo, 27, were rocking their song “Motorcycle Patches” at the Rolling Loud fest on May 13, the “Butterfly Effect” rapper thought he’d make one fan’s night by inviting him on the massive set. Obviously, security didn’t get the memo, as footage shows 3-4 guards rushing the fan the second he steps on stage. One even throws the unnamed fan down to the ground before landing a kick! A visibly angry Travis then shoves the guards away, before helping the fan up to his feet.

Thankfully, it seems the fan was okay, brushing off the attack to bounce around with Travis. After the song was over, Travis – after checking on the dude – helped the fan safely figure out how he was going to get back to his spot out in the crowd, per Hypebeast. “You know how you gotta end up right? I feel like your best bet is to start right there,” he pointed. As the kid was about to jump down, Travis ordered the guards to stand down. “Security, don’t you touch him.” Even when the authorities tried to grab the kid, Travis argued back “Don’t do that cop. He’s good. He’s part of the show.”

On one hand, the guards were pretty brutal in swarming the fan and that kick was totally uncalled for. Someone’s going to get fired. On the other hand, in defense of the guards, they were just doing their job. They were there to make sure Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy made it out of Miami in one piece. Not all people who get up on stage are fans. Just ask Camila Cabello. A woman invaded the stage during her Lollapalooza Chile performance in March. This unknown hater shoved Camilla while supposedly putting gum in her hair!

If that fan had something worse than gum in his pocket, things could have gotten ugly real quickly. Travis needs to watch it now, as he and Kylie have just started a family – and she doesn’t want to stop at just baby Stormi. Kylie, 20, has made it known that she “wants more children,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told, “and she wants those children with the same father.” So, Travis better stay safe and sound, because Kylie’s ready to put him to work when he gets home.

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