Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is The First Sober Person I’ve Heard Doing ‘Drunk History’

President Donald Trump’s bonkers interview with “Fox & Friends” on Thursday provided Trevor Noah with perfect comic fodder.

“Normally, when Trump has a bad day we know Trump watches ‘Fox & Friends’ and yells at the TV, but today he did the same thing but we all got to listen in,” Noah said on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.” 

After dissecting some of the strangest bits of the interview, including Trump’s admission that he hadn’t bought first lady Melania Trump a birthday gift, Noah then described Trump as “the first sober person I’ve heard doing ‘Drunk History.’”

“I actually almost feel bad for ‘Fox & Friends,’” Noah said. “Because if you are at a party and some boring ass dude wouldn’t stop talking to you, you could just be like, ‘Ah, I’ve got to get a drink.’ But these guys are on live television.”

Check out the clip above, and see how “The Daily Show” reimagined the interview below:

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