Triathlete banned from all-you-can-eat sushi joint for eating too much

A German triathlete has been banned from an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant after he reportedly wolfed down nearly 100 dishes.

Jaroslav Bobrowski, 30, an Ironman competitor, went to Running Sushi in Landshut, Bavaria, last weekend and paid his €15.90 ($19) for as much of the Japanese food as he could eat.

The former bodybuilder sat down at his table and started eating, allegedly managing to put away almost 100 servings – the equivalent of five people.

Each plate is believed to have two or three pieces of sushi on it.

The restaurant owner Tan Le said: “He eats for five people. That is not normal.”

He added: “I myself am dead after 13 plates, but he always took five or seven plates at a time.”

“This created a big hole on the sushi carousel and the other guests were asking if we had any more fish.”

Bobrowski, who weighs 172 pounds and is 5 feet 7 inches told Bild: “When I went to the checkout, I wanted to tip, but the waiter did not want to accept that.”

The triathlete, who works as a software engineer, follows an extreme diet where he does not eat for 20 hours and then eats until he is full.

The restaurant owner told him personally he was no longer allowed to eat there due to his appetite.

Bobrowski said: “I’m banned from now on because I’m eating too much. I was stunned.”

He added he had been a regular at the restaurant although it has now been reported he has found another place to visit, China City, which is just ten minutes away around the corner.

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