Twitter users share their bizarre childhood food habits

‘I loved sugar and dried onion sandwiches’: Twitter users share the bizarre eating habits they had as children – and they’re enough to put you off your dinner

  • The Twitter thread was started by Texas based host Sam Sanders
  • He encouraged his followers to share their weird childhood eating habits
  • The stomach-churning admissions saw some very questionable combinations

Children have a reputation for being fussy eaters, and judging by these confessions what they are prepared to stomach is rather unappetising. 

A new Twitter thread has seen users share the weird and wonderful eating habits they had as a child.

From banana and mayo sandwiches to salted lemon slices, the results were hilarious and pretty stomach-churning.

The thread was started by Texas based host Sam Sanders who asked his followers to share the strange foods they used to eat when they were little. 

A Twitter thread started on Sunday evening triggered users to share their bizarre childhood eating habits

The hilarious thread was started by Texan host Sam Sanders who asked his followers to share their weirdest childhood eating and drinking habits

The post read: ‘Tell me your Weirdest eating/drinking habit you had as a kid! 

‘I’ll go first: When I was like 8 years old, I used to carry a little bottle of apple cider vinegar around wherever I went, taking a swig every now and then like a lush w/his flask.’

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Users were quick to respond, confessing the bizarre food combinations they used to eat as a child.

One user wrote: ‘Bananas (cut lengthwise) and mayo sandwiches. I thought that was a normal thing when I was like….6. I’d ask other neighborhood moms for it instead of pb&j’.

Twitter users responded with their hilarious and stomach-churning food combinations

Another Twitter follower confessed: ‘I loved sugar and dried onion sandwiches’.

Another user simply wrote: ‘Salted lemon slices’.

Condiments seemed to be a running theme with another Twitter user admitting: ‘My cousin use to make us ketchup toast. It’s just ketchup on untoasted white bread’. 

Diet coke also had several mentions with people using it as a ‘sauce’.

One user wrote: I ate plain spaghetti in a ‘sauce’ of Diet Coke on more than one occasion.’

Another confessed: ‘I always dunked my pizza crust in my coke. Still do sometimes actually. I also used to crush up Doritos on top of vanilla ice cream. I like sweet and salty, okay???’.  

Condiments and Diet Coke got several mentions on the Twitter thread

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