Two blind veterans in their 90s fall in love and have a chapel blessing

‘This lady came and sat next to me in the lounge after dinner,’ explained Peter. ‘She definitely had a spark about her and we hit it off immediately.

‘Until I met Nancy, I hadn’t realised how lonely I’d really been since my wife died. We just want to live and be happy together for a very long time.’

Nancy said that she thought Peter was ‘a little grumpy’ when they first met but once they got talking, she felt the spark.

‘It was just like an electric shock,’ she said.

‘We now live just four doors down from each other so I can go and visit him whenever I wish.

‘He proposed because he wanted to make sure I didn’t go off with another man. There are a lot more men than women here.

‘It is a dream come true to know that I could be treasured and feel loved by someone as wonderful as Peter after many years alone. It really has been a miracle and we love each other to bits.’

Peter joined the Royal Air Force aged 18, training as a pilot and flying the Westland Whirlwind fighter jet in a squadron protecting cargo vessels at sea.

In 1943 he joined the army and was sent to Normandy about a week after the D-Day landings in 1944, serving in the infantry.

During his time, he was also shot in the right arm by a sniper. He later went on to get married and have a family but sadly his wife Betty died in 2012, aged 89.

Similarly, Nancy had two children with her late husband who also died aged 89 in 2013.

When she was 17, Nancy left to serve her country, joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) in 1941.

She then served on a gun site in Swansea for the remainder of the war and was discharged as a subaltern in 1948.

Nancy joined the Blind Veterans charity in 2011 and Peter joined five years later.

The two share stories of their former lives together and are delighted to officially be a couple.

The charity’s chaplain, Clare Callanan, officiated at the service which included prayers, readings, favourite hymns picked by the couple and a declaration of their love where they made promises to honour each other.

‘We want to live forever and enjoy our time together,’ added Nancy. ‘We’ve had a lot to face in our lives and we just want to enjoy each other’s company.

‘We are looking forward to doing all sorts of things together. We are so happy.’

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