Two kids among seven dead after plane plummets into woods during storm

Seven people including two children have been killed after a plane plummeted into woods during a windstorm.

The horrific plane crash in Canada took place as local officials warned of gusts of up to 50mph and one resident said he was "amazed" to see a plane flying amid warnings of a windstorm.

Late on Wednesday night police confirmed they were searching for a small aircraft which had fallen from the sky around 5pm on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario.

The Kingston Police did not disclose the number of people onboard the Piper PA-32 aircraft, but confirmed “numerous fatalities".

GlobalNews has since confirmed that seven people are dead, including two children.

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Cops found the wreckage in dense woodland north of Ontario around 6.30pm but they had to wait until Thursday morning for air crash investigators to recover the wreck as the remote location meant they could not reach the downed aircraft.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada said the small, single-engine aircraft had taken off from Municipal Airport and was heading towards Kingston Airport.

The TSB suspect weather played a part in the crash as Environment Canada warned of gusts up to 50mph.

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Kingston resident Rob Gibson told local media: "I was amazed that anybody was even flying last night because there was lots of notice that this windstorm was coming."

Gibson said he could hear helicopters searching for the aircraft but didn't hear the crash itself.

Constable Ash Gutheinz told local media the area was under a wind advisory at the time and it was certainly "blustery" with residents noting heavy rain and strong winds around the time of the crash.

The Piper PA-32 is a single-engine aircraft, which seats five to six people.

Cops found the aircraft just four miles from the plane's intended destination.

Captain Graeme Scott said the aircraft’s emergency beacon was activated in an area four miles northwest of the Kingston airport at 6pm.

The Air Force sent multiple crews and a helicopter which dropped search and rescue technicians into the remote woodland.

Police along with the Transportation Safety Board and Coroner's office are coordinating the investigation this morning.

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