Useful Tips To Have A Fun When Eating Edible Marijuana For The First Time

If you are planning a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado for the winter season or plan to head to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve, there will be a nice opportunity to try some legal recreational drugs in the form of marijuana edibles. Thanks to the making of using marijuana legal in some states, marijuana tourists can really enjoy themselves.

Many, who never have smoked have little interest in smoking anything. Smoking is bad for the lungs even if it is marijuana smoke instead of tobacco. Vaping, which is heating marijuana or its derivatives such as hash or oil, is more pleasant for some since it is not smoking because noting is burned. Vaping is more like inhaling a cool puff of water vapor. Even so, it requires paraphernalia that may be too much trouble for an occasional marijuana user, especially for newbies trying it for the first time.

Lifehacker says that many are attracted by the idea of enjoying marijuana edibles. The active ingredient in marijuana that causes the high is a compound known a “THC.” This compound is extracted from marijuana and then, it can be put into things like cakes, cookies, candies, drinks, and even lasagna. Just about any food can be infused with the active ingredient in pot that makes people get high.

For those who never tried marijuana edibles, it can be a very fun and pleasant experience. Some people really enjoy buying the concentrated extract of THC and simply adding it to their favorites meals.

WARNING! New users must exercise caution.

Here are some tips to have a pleasant experience:

Go Slow

Because the edibles must first pass through the digestive system, a person does not feel anything right away. The high comes on from about twenty minutes to up to three hours later after eating some marijuana treats.

This can be deceiving. Many newcomers make the awful mistake of eating or drinking way too much. They get hammered by a high that is so intense it makes them sick. Some end up in the hospital.

To avoid this problem, eat or drink a tiny amount and wait for up to three hours to see how it makes you feel. It is even better to eat a small amount and wait until the next day. A newbie can get a very significant buzz on a dosage that is ¼ of what a regular marijuana user can tolerate.

Getting high from edibles starts after a delay and last longer than the high from smoking marijuana, so plan to reserve a full day or night for the first experience.

Keep Edibles Away From Children

Cakes, cookies, and especially candies are very attractive to children. If they eat too much it will make them very ill.

Be in a Safe Place. Do Not Drive or Operate Heavy Machinery.

Getting high is best done in a place where there is no risk of harm to a person who loses some of their self-control.

For first-timers, it is best to try the edibles in the comfort of their home or in a safe, hotel room. Have plenty of nice munchies at hand because you will strongly stimulate your appetite. Watch comedy movies on the television and enjoy a good laugh.


Marijuana edibles can be very enjoyable when used responsibly and in moderation. It is virtually hassle-free as long as a person tries them out slowly to find a good amount that gives a comfortable buzz, which is not too strong to properly enjoy it.

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