Users say this £17 facial oil works better than expensive serums

Users say this £17 anti-ageing ‘luxurious’ facial oil works better than expensive serums to give a visibly younger looking complexion

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A £16.99 anti-ageing facial oil is proving so popular the brand is selling nine bottles every hour, and according to users it ‘blows even some of the most expensive serums out of the water’.

The Procoal Midnight Rescue Elixir that’s made with 12 nutrient-rich oils, is winning over shoppers thanks to its ‘luxurious’ lightweight formula that leaves skin luminous, silky soft and rested.

The Procoal Midnight Rescue Elixir contains 12 botanical oils to nourish the skin intensely throughout the night. 

The anti-ageing face oil combines groundbreaking performance with a lightweight texture for a luminous, silky-soft and visibly younger-looking complexion. 

A top wrinkle-fighting pick, shoppers who are using the Procoal Midnight Rescue Elixir are reporting noticeable results from the off, even claiming that it works better than expensive anti-ageing serums. 

‘From the first use my skin has changed dramatically’ raved one user. ‘It’s soft and dewy looking and feeling.

‘I just love putting a few drops on my face then in circular movements rubbing it in. The scent is incredible, a real luxury experience without the price tag.’

Procoal started in 2016 with a promise to ‘shake up the skincare industry by delivering results-driven, eco-conscious products at reasonable prices’.

The £16.99 Procoal Midnight Rescue Elixir is no exception. Delivering a luxurious formula of 12 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanical oils, it helps to restore skin’s natural vitality for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Made with rosehip oil and squalane, the Procoal Midnight Rescue Elixir helps to deeply nourish and hydrate for luminous, bouncy looking skin 

The anti-ageing serum formula includes squalane to help against moisture loss, rosehip to reduce inflammation, evening primrose, jojoba, vitamin e, jasmine flower and rose oil – and that’s the shortlist. 

The result? Skin looks radiant and plumped with hydration so much so that fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced. 

Natural and non-comedogenic, the lightweight oil has an incredibly luxurious texture that  nourishes your skin intensely throughout the night 

Shoppers using the Midnight Rescue Elixir are waking up with glowing, visibly nourished, rested, and silky soft skin. 

Non-comedogenic, it’s effective for all skin-types with users calling it ‘a dream’, ‘great for dry skin’ and ‘gorgeous’.

One impressed shopper raved: ‘This is so good! I was a product junkie and even with multiple products every night my skin never looked this good. I literally use this and an eye cream every night and my skin is looking the best ever. Love it and it’s so reasonable!’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘This is the first facial oil I have ever tried and after just a few uses my skin feels so soft and nourished with no dry/tight feeling. The smell is lovely and it’s incredible value for money.’

A third penned: ‘Incredible nighttime skincare addition. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated and have seen a noticeable improvement in redness and texture.’

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