‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion: Jax Lashes Out At Scheana After Sobbing Over His Dad’s Death

What a reunion! The three-part ‘Vanderpump Rules’ special kicked off with a bang on May 7, when Jax went off on Scheana for not calling him when his dad died.

Note to self: make sure to call Jax Taylor when something bad happens in his life. The Vanderpump Rules star lashed out at Scheana during the first of this season’s three-part reunion on May 7, after she failed to give him a call when his dad died in late December. During the first few minutes of the episode, Jax and girlfriend Brittany (yes, they got back together after their season-ending breakup) recalled what it was like when they learned that his dad had died. That moment, Jax said, was actually what made him realize that he never wants to be without Brittany. “Ever since then I can’t imagine myself without her,” he said while fighting back tears.

Later, Jax was forced to address the fact that he cheated on Brittany with Faith, and he seemed remorseful. When Andy Cohen asked him if he knew that he and Faith were having sex in front of an “ailing 95-year-old woman” — something Faith has said in the past — Jax said, “I didn’t know there was, like, an old woman in there.” Eek. On a more positive note, Jax told Andy that he’d be ready for fatherhood if he learned Brittany was pregnant with his child… something she tricked him into thinking earlier this season. “I think my dad kind of took over me … I feel like he’s taken over. He’s like, ‘I’m taking over your body now,’” Jax said.

And then, Jax acknowledged who did or didn’t console him after his father’s dead. Surprisingly, Stassi, Kristen and another SUR employee (all of whom have slept with Jax) flew out to Jax’s home state to be by his side during his time of need. Scheana, on the other hand, only sent him a text. And Jax made sure Scheana knew how crappy that was of her. He said he deserved at least a phone call, but she felt her text was good enough. She got so upset that she stormed off stage and wept in her makeup chair. She felt a text was more personal than a phone call because it was “a message you could read over and over and over again knowing how sorry I was.” Jax didn’t care, though. The episode ended with him screaming, “Once in a while be a human being and don’t be an ‘I’m on a TV show all the time.’ Maybe that’s why half of her relationships have gone down the s***ter.”

Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion airs next Monday, May 14, on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

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