Vanessa Has A New Boyfriend & He Sounds Like The Opposite Of Bachelor Nick Viall

More than six months ago, fans were shocked when Bachelor couple Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall called off their engagement. But now, it sounds like she’s found someone new, and he’s basically the opposite of her ex. Grimaldi revealed she has a new boyfriend when she visited Dean Unglert’s podcast, Help! I Suck At Dating, and although she didn’t share his identity, it sounds like he’s far more low-key than the guy she fell for on reality TV.

Grimaldi didn’t share too many details about her new man on the podcast, but she did drop a few hints that help give a better idea of who he is — but mostly who’s he not. According to People, Grimaldi said that they met through a mutual friend, he’s not a part of Bachelor Nation or the entertainment industry, and he doesn’t work in special education, like she does.

Without giving anything too personal away about her relationship, Grimaldi shared what she’s been looking for when it comes to her love life. Not only does what she said help fans get a better idea of what this new man in her life could be like, but it also makes it even more obvious that finding love on The Bachelor — especially with a man who had been on the show multiple times before and had amassed a huge social media presence — might not have been the best way for her to find a relationship that works in her life.

She said:

Well, it’s clear that things had to end between her and Viall, because just from the things she said on the podcast, they sound pretty incompatible.

Grimaldi has shown no evidence of a new guy in her life on Instagram, which mostly features photos of her doing her own thing and hanging out with family and friends. From what she did share, though, it sounds like things between them are still very new, but she’s hopeful for the future — and she couldn’t have chosen anyone more different from her ex.

And when it comes to who she’s seeing now, she seems very optimistic.

"I don’t know where this is going to lead, but I do know I appreciate all his qualities," she said. "I feel like I’m a much better person when I’m with him. I’m just very lighthearted, and I’m focused on the right things and I’m not distracted by the fake world that we could be a part of.”

That sounds like a direct dig at her time as part of a Bachelor couple, where the pressure on a relationship is immense after so many people have watched you and your fiancé meet and fall in love on national television. It’s hard to blame Grimaldi if life in the post-Bachelor spotlight wasn’t for her, and it seems like this new relationship is far better suited for what she’s looking for.

Everything Grimaldi shared on the podcast makes a lot of sense. Of course she’d rather be with someone who isn’t aware of her Bachelor past; who wants to run the risk of someone only being interested in you because of your reality TV past? But it sounds like the new person in her life is closer to what she needs from a partner, and that’s great to hear.

Now, fans just have to wait for Grimaldi to share more about her new man, hopefully involving an Instagram photo or two. After getting to know her so well on The Bachelor, it would be awesome to have the chance to see her finally find what she’s looking for.

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