If Vision Is Your Favorite Avenger, You'll Love This Theory

Avengers: Infinity War left us with more questions about what’s next for the Marvel universe than it did answers. One of our biggest questions: Is Vision actually dead?

To get to the bottom of this, let’s start from the beginning. The actor who plays Vision, Paul Bettany, has been with the Marvel movies since day the first movie. Before he morphs into Vision, Bettany lent his voice as Iron Man’s right-hand robot, Jarvis. Jarvis then becomes Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This begins an unending quest for Bettany’s character Vision to become more human-like. It’s a quest that seems to have come to an end in Infinity War, in which we see that Vision has fostered a romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch. Then Vision does the most human thing one can do: he dies.

Vision’s death packs less of a shock since the Soul Stone — the one previously embedded in his forehead — is featured in movie posters on Thanos’s gauntlet. However, it was impossible to be fully prepared for the moment of seeing Vision die twice, once painlessly at the hand of Scarlet Witch, and then again in torment at the hand of Thanos.

So, will Vision be resurrected?

All my money and soul is on yes. Haters may point out that Paul Bettany isn’t on the upcoming cast lists for any Marvel movies, but hear me out. There are three themes in Infinity War that support the theory that Vision will live again:

There’s more than one conversation about what life might look like for Vision without a Soul Stone, if he indeed could go on without it. With a movie this long and action-packed, you have to assume that any conversation that isn’t of real importance probably gets left on the editing floor. These lines have to be foreshadowing that Vision can survive in one form or another without his stone.

There’s also the phrasing of “soul for a soul” and “we don’t trade lives” that crops up more than once in this movie. While I’m not the first person to land on this conspiracy theory, I did manage to get there, even if it was a day or two behind everyone else.

I believe that every life that we lose during the snap will eventually be traded by one of the heroes left standing. Cap will trade his life for Bucky, Iron Man will trade his life for Peter Parker, Rocket for Groot, and so on and so forth.

It would be a heart-wrenching ride into the sunset for the Marvel universe as we know it, and a triumphant start of the next chapter — the kind of momentous shakeup at which Marvel has been hinting.

This is where I believe Vision will be invaluable. As we have learned, Vision evolves at a rapid rate. He’s more than Ultron, more than Jarvis, more than an android, and probably much more than the stone. We have no idea how powerful he actually is or what he’s capable of. Oh, and Thanos just dissolves the one person he’s ever loved, so the motivation part is taken care of. Since Thanos still has the gauntlet, no matter how fractured, they’re going to need someone like Vision. While we didn’t see and probably have no idea the full brunt of his power in this movie it’s not impossible to think that if he lives he could easily be the one with the ability to set the soul for soul trades into motion and finally defeat the purple guy.

While there may be no resurrection left for some of our favorite characters in this film, it’s fair to say that Vision has a fighting chance.

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