A Visit With The Stanley Cup Cheers Up The 'Capital Gazette' Staff

Leydig shared part of his 24-hours with Annapolis paper staff

The Washington Capitals were able to share their good fortune with the survivors and staff at the Capital Gazette, as the Caps equipment manager, Craig Leydig brought the Stanley Cup to their temporary offices.

TMZ says that Leydig, who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, the home of the Capital Gazette, had just gotten off the phone with a sportswriter before the gunman stormed their offices, killing five people.

In response, the Caps staffer felt helpless and wanted to do something to help those who have lived through such a traumatic experience, and so he brought the Stanley Cup to their temporary offices for a visit during his day with Lord Stanley’s silver trophy. Each member of the Washington Capitals ice hockey team and its staff get a day with the cup, and Leydig decided he wanted to spend part of his with the staff of the Gazette.

Leydig gently packed up the Stanley Cup and took it for a 45-minute visit to the paper’s temporary offices to chat and take some photos. Staff reporter Rick Hutzell was touched by the gesture and says Leydig has raised their selfie game.

“We want to thank Craig for coming in with the Stanley Cup. It was clearly a big morale boost for everyone, particularly the hockey fans in the newsroom.”

Hutzell said they will never forget Leydig’s generosity.

“The number of selfies that came out of this was huge and will be treasured forever.”

Those who don’t follow hockey might not understand how memorable it is to come in contact with the Stanley Cup, but it’s a big deal especially for Caps fans. This is the first time the Washington Capitals have won the Stanley Cup and each member of the Capitals organization is going to make the most of their one on one time with Lord Stanley’s “hardware” (let’s just say the DMV selfie game with the silver trophy is a big deal right now).

The Washington Post reported that Craig “Woody” Leydig thought that visiting the temporary offices might spread some good after something so terrible had happened.

“When you get a day with it, sometimes I think it’s just good to do good to people and boost morale and bring up some spirits. I know it doesn’t replace the victims, but hopefully, this is a shot in the arm for people to start a little healing process to make you guys feel better.”

Leydig (equipment manager with the Capitals since 1983) had just wrapped up an interview with reporter Bill Wagner when minutes later he saw on the televisions in the Capitals’ Iceplex that the shooting had taken place. His first concern was that Wagner had been in the Gazette offices. Wagner was working remotely that day.

“My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost and to all the employees of Capital Gazette that have to find a way to move on from this terrible tragedy.”

But Leydig didn’t stop at the Capital Gazette spreading the goodwill with the Stanley Cup. He made his way to the Naval Academy and on a boat trip to the Annapolis’s City Dock where Annapolitans lined up to kiss, hug, and take a selfie with the silver cup.

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