‘WAGs’ Star Nicole Williams-English Says Marriage To NFL Star Larry English ‘Has Its Challenges’

‘WAGs’ star Nicole Williams-English and her football player hubby, Larry English, married last year after dating for seven years, but she opened up

We asked Nicole if she had any plans on children in the near future, but the entrepreneur isn’t so sure, as she explained, “I’m still focusing on work and Larry and I still do a lot of traveling. But we definitely want children in the future. We’ve been talking about it so we can plan it out the right way. I know it’s never a perfect time, but the time right now in the middle of everything I’m doing is probably not the best time so we’ll give it another two years, at least.” We don’t blame Nicole for wanting to wait a bit longer with such a busy schedule, as she’s been focused on her sexy swimsuit line, Nia Lynn. Nicole, who has been modeling since she was 14-years-old, described her inspiration and how she became a “swimsuit expert.” The brunette beauty said, “When I moved to LA I started doing a lot of swimwear. I kind of became a swimsuit expert because I know how swimwear is supposed to fit because I’ve modeled for many different brands and I’ve tried on every single kind of suit you can imagine. So I know when I go shopping what to look for in a suit and what looks the best on certain body shapes.”

“My first collection, the Resort Collection, was a little more intricate and more so for beach parties and one pieces that you could wear with jeans. The second collection I decided to do more of a basic collection where you could mix and match pieces so any top goes with any bottom. I did extreme high waist, mid waist, and a string bikini. I’ve learned a lot along the way from my customers and the feedback that I got from my first collection, so I made that collection which is more versatile, and suited for every woman’s shapes and sizes. I wanted customers to be able to slip on any type of suit and still feel sexy. Now I’m getting started thinking about my third collection.” In addition to filling her time with her business, Nicole also worked on Khloé’s Good American campaign. “I love her, she’s so amazing. She literally had a baby three months prior to my shoot, and I was blown away by how professional she was, and how confident she was,” Nicole gushed. She’s so easy to work with and she’s so sweet. I was friends with Kim before Khloé, so we weren’t super close before my shoot, but we definitely became a little closer after working together. She’s very hands on with Good American which was great to see because as a business owner I’m so hands on with Nia Lynn.”

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