Watch Kesha Take A Bad Fall While Performing

Kesha is recovering from a nasty fall at a concert she was performing in Dubai. Kesha was silent about any need for treatment following the accident. The fall happened while she was singing her hit from 2010, We R Who We RI. She fell backward and landed with her feet up in the air. The cause of the fall was basically that she slipped and lost her balance.

The slip happened while Kesha was performing on Feb. 9, 2018, at the RedfestDXB Dubai Festival held in Dubai’s magnificent Media City Amphitheater.

The Inquisitr gave more details about what happened. TMZ released a fuzzy fan-made video of Kesha’s fall on YouTube. Kesha fell and then, being the trooper that she is, she immediately got back up and continued on with the show as if nothing happened.

Even though fans were concerned that she might have gotten seriously hurt, Kesha did not give any more information on her social media accounts and preferred to continue to focus the attention on the controversy surrounding the recent 2018 Grammys.

The Grammy controversy came about because so few female performers won an award. Rihanna was one of the few exceptions and Rihanna’s song was a collaboration with  Kendrick Lamar. The only woman that won a solo Grammy award was Alessia Cara who won for Best New Artist. This happened in spite of the fact that women make up about half of the music industry.

At the Grammys, the males did much better than the females. Bruno Mars won for every category he was nominated for. The Grammy for the Best Pop Solo Performance went to Ed Sheeran for his song entitled Shape of You. In the same category, Sheeran beat the songs of many female performers including Kesha with her song entitled Praying, Pink with What About US, Kelly Clarkson for her Love So Soft, and Lady Gaga for Million Reasons.

Kesha performed Praying at the Grammys in a spectacular way. To add insult to injury, Sheeran was not even attending the event to receive his award. Then, to make matters worse, Variety reported that the Grammy President Neil Portnow said after hearing the complaints from the female performers that the “women need to step up,” showing what an amazing jerk he really is.

The reason why Kesha wants to keep the focus on the sexist nature of the Grammys is because Grammy awards are voted on by the members of The Recording Academy that all come from the music industry. This is just another way that powerful males in the entertainment business are disrespectful of women. Besides the problems with sexual harassment, women are paid less than men and win fewer awards than men. The prejudice against women and the inequalities are blatant and obvious.

Kesha may have fallen on stage; however, she is right back up again and ready to kick butt!

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