WATCH: Pianist Soothes Retired Sanctuary Elephants with Private Concerts

If elephants don’t forget, they are always going to remember Paul Barton as a talented, tender human.

The classical pianist regularly visits Elephants World in Thailand. The facility serves as a retirement home and sanctuary for ailing and older elephants; a place where the animals can live their last years in peace.

Helping add a soundtrack to this oasis is Barton. After getting permission from the sanctuary’s staff, the musician started bringing a piano to Elephants World and playing classical greats like Bach and DeBussey for an animal audience.

Barton told CBS News that is not uncommon for elephants, including the sanctuary’s blind residents, to stop in their large tracks and spending a moment listening to his piano. Based on these reactions and others, Barton believes the elephants are soothed by his music.

Barton shares videos of his elephant encounters on Facebook and YouTube, where the touching clips are often shared thousands of times.


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