Watch Scott Disick’s Reaction To Kim Kardashian’s Third Baby

Scott Disick’s reaction to Kim Kardashian West having a third baby is hilarious and thanks to Keeping Up with The Kardashians, fans get to witness it.

The Lord is known for causing a lot of trouble on the hit reality TV show, which is putting a damper on his relationship with the famous family. In the upcoming episode of the E! reality show he learns Kim and Kanye West are going to have a third baby. Sadly, his new relationship with the family is clear in his reaction as he is one of the last to know the big news.

Disick is at Kardashian’s house when he discovers the news. However, he only finds out because he is unknowingly helping Kim plan out the new baby’s nursery. He is dumbfounded as to why she is designing a nursery when there is no baby. The scene makes it appear as though Disick is clueless about the baby even though Kardashian tells him the baby is due in two months. He is shocked about the surrogate and all news surrounding baby number three.

Although Scott Disick’s reaction to Kim Kardashian West’s third baby is hilarious, it is also a little sad and makes us question just how scripted the scene is. There is a chance he somehow missed every single tabloid announcing the news and is dumbfounded by the news. However, there is also a chance he knew all along but producers or Kris Jenner decided this moment would make for great television.

If the first scenario is true and Kourtney’s baby daddy had no idea the West’s were expanding their family for months, then that is sad. It means the drama among the family has gotten worse, which is not out of the realm of possibility. He may be Mason, Penelope and Reign’s father, but he is no longer with the oldest Kardashian daughter. His new place in the family always appears to be in flux.

Fans can watch the entire conversation between Disick and Kardashian in the upcoming episode of KUWTK. Until then though check out the clip and let us know if you think it is real or fake?

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