We have right to treat Boris's Plan BS with the contempt it deserves

DAN WOOTTON: Now that we know this government doesn’t even believe in its own Covid rules we have the right to treat Boris’s Plan BS with the contempt it deserves

This is not about a gotcha moment.

This is not even about a likely illegal Christmas party at Number 10 Downing Street.

The lava-like rage bubbling throughout Britain today that is now almost certain to erupt is about something far more fundamental.

We no longer trust that Boris Johnson, most of his key officials and members of his own Cabinet actually believe in the inhumane, draconian and blanket Covid restrictions they have been enforcing on the rest of us for the past 20 months.

Yet tonight – in a pathetic bid to distract from a catastrophic week where the PM’s own authority has been close to terminally undermined – they have rushed out plans to enact the dreaded Plan B, which will be the death knell for so many businesses, at the exact moment public trust in everything they tell us is at its lowest ebb.

The disturbing plan is to scare us again.

At a Downing Street press conference, the PM declared that people should once again work from home where possible, as well as extending use of masks and introducing Covid passports for nightclubs

Terrify us into being prepared to give up our God-given freedoms and human rights once more – possibly forever – because of the Omicron scariant that hasn’t killed one person anywhere in the world as far as we know and is actually by all accounts a milder form of the virus.

‘It has become increasingly clear that Omicron is growing much faster than the previous Delta variant and is spreading rapidly all around the world,’ he warned ominously.

But Plan B will cost us a predicted £18 billion overnight – two per cent of our GDP – and be a hammer blow to the confidence that was building when the UK had the balls to open up this summer.

Work from home orders will destroy our inner-cities, so central to our economy, that were just starting to stutter back into life.

Mask-mandates in cinemas, theatres and most other indoor venues make us a nation of virtue signallers, constantly being prompted into unnecessary fear of our muzzled neighbours, even though there’s minimal evidence cloth masks do any good halting the spread of Covid-19.

And don’t get me started on vaccine passports, those liberty-sapping health papers that have been proven not to work but will be the start of a two-tier society and add nightmarish red tape into the day to day lives of even those vaccinated.

Not to mention the already announced cumbersome and expensive testing requirements making foreign travel impossible for anyone who isn’t rich.

Most worryingly, Boris would not even rule out mandatory vaccinations tonight, proposing a ‘national conversation’ about the topic.

How on earth did we get here and where do we go now?

Personally, I plan to continue my life completely normally.

I have been worn down by 20 months of having my state of mind and plans dictated by doomsday government scientists and panicked ministers.

I refuse to give into the fear of a new scariant, when we are an 80 per cent double jabbed country, with over 95 per cent of adults carrying Covid antibodies.

Even the Covid hysterics at CNN today were cautioning against stories panicking people about Omicron because, they reported, ‘the variant is starting to look more like a nuisance virus than a big killer.’

We’re not stupid, but I do worry that we’re exhausted by this constant cycle.

During the first lockdown of March 2020, people voted with their feet and stayed home because they were scared.

‘The main course is the Prime Minister’s then official spokeswoman Allegra Stratton (pictured) guffawing when asked about the infamous Downing Street festive bash that never happened when she thought we weren’t watching’, writes DAN WOOTTON

Now, if people do the same, it will be because masks, vaccine passports, social distancing and a host of other purposeless Covid regulations introduced by businesses and local authorities, make life a complete misery.

And an even bigger misery if you get Covid and are confined to your home for ten days even if you have no symptoms.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that will only end when the public revolts.

So how on earth does Boris and his government have the authority to enforce new measures curtailing our freedoms and civil liberties when their moral authority is now shattered?

The behaviour of the people responsible for making the rules categorically proves they have never really believed in them.

Visually-impaired Dominic Cummings and revoltingly randy love rat Matt Hancock – two key architects of the control measures imposed on Brits – were the aperitif and starter.

The main course is the Prime Minister’s then official spokeswoman Allegra Stratton guffawing when asked about the infamous Downing Street festive bash that never happened when she thought we weren’t watching – just as the government cancelled Christmas for millions, legislated to stop us spending times with those who we love after the toughest year in living memory, and even banned folk visiting dying relatives in hospital.

‘Is cheese and wine alright? It was a business meeting,’ Stratton tittered in a leaked video to ITV News when put on the spot by a colleague about the Christmas bash in a mock press conference.

She then proclaimed to giggles all round from the room: ‘This fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced.’

Those in power are literally laughing at us all for being stupid enough to follow the rules they don’t actually think are necessary.

It’s unfortunate for Stratton – who emotionally quit today – that her reaction was caught on camera, but just imagine how many more of these conversations are taking place every hour of every day behind closed doors at Downing Street, where they have never worn masks or practised social distancing measures.

Last year, I woke up on Christmas Day alone, went to work and then came home alone.

Like most Brits, I cancelled plans to see my loved ones because I innately believe in following the law, even though I had spent months publicly speaking out against the largely unnecessary Covid restrictions, believing we all have the right to make sensible decisions about our lives for ourselves.

But my belief in continuing to follow never-ending Covid measures when the people responsible for making the rules can’t even be bothered is fast dissipating.

I am acutely aware that I had it relatively easy last Christmas, too.

Last night Chrissie Lefranc tweeted me: ‘I’m sitting here in tears. I wasn’t able to visit my mother in a nursing home last Xmas and it was her last one which she spent alone without family. To say I’m angry is an understatement, I am absolutely effing livid.”

So am I, Chrissie, so am I.

I am absolutely effing livid with myself for following the rules when I KNEW they made no sense.

I am absolutely effing livid that the government’s response to this crisis looks like it will be to rush through even more Covid restrictions – the dreaded Plan B of working from home and vaccine passports.

I am absolutely effing livid that Boris Johnson – a man who so brilliantly delivered Brexit and was on course to become a great PM – has put his legacy in doubt by turning his back on libertarianism and following the easy playbook of fear and authoritarianism.

Margaret Thatcher told the Conservative party conference in 1975: ‘The first duty of Government is to uphold the law. If it tries to bob and weave and duck around that duty when it’s inconvenient, if government does that, then so will the governed, and then nothing is safe—not home, not liberty, not life itself.’

The bobbing, weaving and ducking going on the past 24 hours by Boris and his minions would have the Iron Lady turning in her grave.

And I’m genuinely fearful about where such a breakdown in trust will lead us.

Is mass civil disobedience now the only way to get through to this government?Of course, I don’t want to see that happen, but I understand that many will feel they have no choice.

I wouldn’t give a damn what went on in Downing Street a year ago if the very people living it up large while they locked us down had accepted that such regulations are futile and nonsensical.

But instead, they seem addicted to the power and control, and refuse to accept that the crisis has now passed as the virus becomes endemic.

Michael Gove – perhaps the most control-obsessed of them all in Cabinet – said in 2009 as he campaigned against Tony Blair introducing ID cards: ‘The general rule over human history is that once powers are yielded to the state at moments of crisis or emergency, it’s never the case – or very very, rarely the case – that the state hands them back.’

How ironic.

Now it’s a Tory government who won’t hand back the new powers they have wielded over us.

That’s why the leaked Stratton video must be a final wake up call.

We now have categorical proof that those in power are literally taking the p*ss out of the entire population.

But they can only keep doing that if we let them.

So forget Plans B, C, D or E, now is the moment to push back and reclaim our lives.

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