Wedding caterer shuts down ‘cheap and disrespectful’ customer with perfect text

Ask anyone who’s been brave enough to plan a wedding – the catering tends to be the biggest cost.

Feeding and watering family, friends, extended family and a smattering of people you probably don’t know that well/don’t like that much is EXPENSIVE.

So you can’t blame a bride for being on the lookout for a good deal.

Except, there is a fine line between wanting to save those all-important pennies, and coming across as, well, like this…

One caterer, Oneek, shared a conversation she’d had with a prospective customer, who was in fact the god-daughter of the bride-to-be, where she basically got told she should work for practically nothing because of the exposure.

It did not go down well.

The woman introduced herself on Instagram and then detailed the bride-to-be’s wedding buffet wishlist for 175-200 people.

It included a waffle and omlette station with shrimps, bacon, turkey sausage crabmeat and SWORDFISH, a stuffed salmon dish, fresh fruit, more shrimp, macaroni and cheese, fresh vegetables, chicken wings in all flavours and 200 cupcakes in a variety of flavours.

Quite the feast, no?

The woman then asked Oneek for a quote, who did advise her that the bride’s menu was "expensive", and said it would cost the equivalent of £2835.

That’s just over £20 per person.

Oneek also explained that the cost was for buying and cooking all the food.

Then the woman made this rather unwelcome comment.

"Yeah lol but why that much. You’re an Instagram caterer. It’s not like you own a legit restaurant lol."

In response to this, Oneek asked a valid question: "What does that have to do with me purchasing all food and making it for 200 people?"

But the woman was having none of it, and instead offered £1559 – £9 a head – which is some serious undercutting, telling Oneek to "take the opportunity or leave it".

So Oneek decided to leave it.

Having shared the exchange on Twitter, she won herself a flood of praise, as everyone agreed £2835 for 200 people was a bargain.

She also shared a message of thanks for the support.

"Thank you to everyone that followed me today all the love and support is VERY overwhelming I’m so grateful and honoured that this many ppl wanna see me win and be great at what I do."

Only time will tell if the bride and her goddaughter come to eat their words.

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