The WEIRDEST ways restaurants have served up food

The WEIRDEST ways restaurants have served up food – including an umbrella used as a punchbowl and bread stuffed inside ROADKILL

  • Baffled diners have shared hilarious pictures of unusual items used as plates
  • Some eateries have used umbrellas, snowboards and even furry pouches
  • They will make you yearn for a simple white plate next time you eat out 

Gone are the days when you could go to a restaurant and expect your food to be served on a simple, humble plate.

Now eateries are coming up with ever more creative ways in which to serve you a meal – including on some very outlandish props. 

From bread stuffed inside what looks like roadkill to pizza presented on a snowboard, these are some of the weirdest ways in which dinner has been served.

The hilarious pictures snapped by baffled diners have mostly been shared by the popular We Want Plates Twitter account and on a Reddit thread that goes by the same name. 

And the bemusing photos will make you yearn for a simple white plate when going out to eat. 

A pizza with a side order of snow? This restaurant serves up its cheesy treats on a snowboard

It might look good as a hat but we’re less sure presenting bread inside a furry pouch that looks like roadkill works as a way to serve food

It might have seemed a good idea in theory but in practice, drinking punch from an umbrella doesn’t really work

What were they thinking? This plate of fancy food is served up on a giant bone

Well, at least you’ll know what you’re eating! These pork buns are served up on a fake pig’s head

Usually you are free of doing chores when you go to a restaurant but this eatery asks you to unpeg ravioli ‘clothes’ from a washing line

Not so much cheesy as plain terrifying! This platter of cheese, crackers and meat comes with a haunting skeleton of a rat

What a waste of money! The starters at this restaurant are bizarrely served up on iPads, which doesn’t seem very hygienic 

The sink is usually one of the most unhygienic places in a house so it seems odd to serve up food in one at a Senor Frog’s restaurant in the US

Coca-Cola cans aren’t exactly known for having soft edges so eating a salad out of one seems dangerous

This roast bird has been given a sun chair made out of bread on edible sand with bizarrely two egg yolks in front of it

You’ll feel like you’re at prison at this restaurant as the breakfast is served up in an unappetising tray

Why eat caviar off your own hand when you can eat it off a wooden one?

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