Wendy Williams ‘More At Ease’ With Kevin Hunter Out As EP Of Show: She’s Ready For A ‘Fresh Start’

Wendy Williams & the crew for her talk show are ‘looking forward’ to working without Kevin Hunter, a source told HL EXCLUSIVELY.

With Kevin Hunter officially out as executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy Williams is feeling “less on edge.” A source close to Wendy told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her show’s staffers feel that “things will go much smoother” in Kevin’s absence. “It it going to be a great long weekend for Wendy and the crew of the show as they are all looking forward to working without Kevin on the show,” our source told us. “Granted, there are crew members on Kevin’s side, but everyone has come to the understanding that things will go much smoother moving forward, and Wendy will be less on edge now that he is gone.” A spokesperson from The Wendy Williams Show confirmed Kevin’s departure and gave HollywoodLife the following statement: “Kevin Hunter is no longer an Executive Producer on the Wendy Williams Show. Debmar-Mercury wishes him well in his future endeavors.”

Apparently, with Kevin gone, the change in Wendy’s mood has already taken into effect. “She is instantly more at ease and people are already seeing the change in her attitude,” our source went on to say. “It’s only going to lead to better shows and a better team. It will be nice to everyone to start to normalize the drama that has been happening lately. It will be a well-needed fresh start.”

It was just one week ago, on April 11, that Wendy served Kevin with divorce papers. “After Wendy served him last Thursday, Monday was last day in office and after that, all his pass codes and access were revoked,” our source continued. “Tuesday was the fresh start where Wendy and her staff took a big sigh of relief and began the healing process.”

With Kevin’s departure from the show as executive producer, many friends of Wendy are anticipating her letting Kevin go as her manager as well. “Those close to Wendy are preparing for the next shoe to drop and for Kevin to be fired as his manager, which may or may not happen anytime soon,” our source added.

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