I Went to a Secret Celebrity Sex Party, and Here's What (and Who) I Saw

I’m in the inner sanctum of a secret Snctm sex party, and it’s a spectacular scene. Per the dress code, the men are wearing tuxedos, and the women, who outnumber the men by 6 to 1, are wearing La Perla bras, garter belts, and high heels. Everyone is fit and attractive, and everyone is wearing a mask. It’s a straight guy’s total fantasy, like Cirque du Soleil meets a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

I first heard about Snctm while at Soho House in West Hollywood, a members-only club for Hollywood’s creative crowd. I ran into some friends who had attended previous Snctm gatherings, and they referred to it as “the most glamorous sex party we ever went to.” “You have to go,” they told me. “It’s so Eyes Wide Shut.”

So I got in touch with Snctm’s founder, Damon Lawner, 47. A former party promoter and real estate agent, Lawner says he was inspired to launch Snctm after watching the aforementioned Kubrick film. “I was going through a similar thing myself, struggling with being monogamous with my wife,” he told me. When his marriage failed, he turned his attention to Snctm, which has since been profiled by Goop, the website founded by Gwyneth Paltrow (who is also rumored to be a Snctm member).

“The grand object of Snctm is the eroticism of the human race,” he tells me.

Screengrab via Snctm

This lofty goal comes at a steep price. To get into Snctm, men pay $1,875 per event, $10,000 for a yearly membership, or $75,000 for a lifetime “Dominus” VIP membership. Women get in free via an application process that involves an online application, and a Skype or in-person interview. If they’re hot, they’re in. If they’re not, they can’t even pay to get in. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, male members are not held to these standards.) Welcome to Hollywood.

I ask Lawner for an invite. After promising that I will not reveal the location of the party nor the identities of any “A-list celebrities” who will be having sex at the party, I score an invite — and because I’m a journalist, I don’t have to go through the arduous application process .

When I tell the guy I’ve been dating, he asks to go with me — to help with my “sexual research.” Actually, he begs me. I get it. What guy doesn’t want to go to a sex party?

“The grand object of Snctm is the eroticism of the human race.”

To preserve members’ privacy, Snctm parties are held at different locations. But the night I attend, it’s held at the “Snctm Mansion”, a $4.5 million estate located in Holmby Hills, near the Playboy Mansion.

When we arrive at midnight, my date and I are greeted at the front door by two topless girls in black ballet tutus and Zorro masks. The club’s manager takes our coats. He tells me he’s the former manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge, but within the confines of Snctm, he’s known simply as “Mr. Hedonism.”

The living room is packed. It’s a swanky house party, with people chatting at the bar with cocktails or in front of the fireplace. The men are wearing tuxedos and sporting Scntm’s “secret society” lapel pinse. The women, who are all clad in lingerie, are young and incredibly attractive. It looks like a standard “Hollywood pretty people party,” filled with a handful of TV actors and MAWs (short for Model-Actress-Whatevers).

Lawner insists that the women who attend Snctm parties are mostly sexually adventurous “doctors and lawyers.” He says no one is paid to attend the events. ”Paying for sex is so tacky!” he says. “We have so many successful female applicants who want to come to our parties that they come to us.”

But of the 20 or so women I talk to at the party, eight say they’re professional models or actors. One says she’s a talent agent’s assistant, one a mortgage broker, one a housewife, three are students, and five simply say they do “a lot of things.”

Via Snct/Instagram

After my date and I spend a few minutes chatting with partygoers, the “erotic entertainment” portion of the evening starts, which is provided by what Lawner tells me is Scntm’s official “erotic troupe.” A naked woman on all fours steadies herself on the floor as she becomes a “human drink cart,” with guests placing bottles of expensive bourbon on a shelf on her butt. A guy in a black cape and black carnival mask starts having sex with a woman in a white Venetian mask while party guests look on, nonchalantly sipping champagne. Meanwhile, topless women in tutus do pirouettes around the living room. My date and I just watch and take in all the eye candy.

A man on the couch pulls down the zipper of his tuxedo pants and receives oral sex from a woman who looks to be at least 25 years younger than him, while two women take turns going down on each other in front of the fireplace. My date turns to me. “Thanks for inviting me to the pagan Hollywood sex cult,” he says. “I love LA.”

Screengrab via Snctm

My date and I head upstairs, where there are two bedrooms filled with a bunch of masked people piling on top of white canopy beds. In the first room, a group of people are watching a woman hanging from the side of the bed, receiving oral sex from two other women. People are so friendly in this city.

I then proceed to the “playroom,” a dimly lit, attic-like space with a bunch of white futons on the floor. That’s where I recognize my first celebrity in the flesh: a British rock star who I’ve had a crush on since I was 12. I can’t stop gawking at him; it’s like watching a celebrity sex tape IRL. As he digitally penetrates the woman’s butt, I make accidental eye contact with him. I give him a thumbs-up. He returns it with the hand he isn’t using.

“It’s like watching a celebrity sex tape IRL.”

By this time, the party is a full-fledged orgy. A guy in a now-disheveled tuxedo dives under his date’s designer gown, while a woman in a Carolina Herrera gown who told me earlier me she it wore to the Academy Awards, gives her partner a blow job. In the middle of the futons, we watch some spontaneous wife-swapping go down between two attractive couples in Mardi Gras masks, ball gowns, and tuxedos. The room looks like a cross between an Oscar after-party and an amateur porn set.

As my date and I head downstairs and out the door, we pass members of the “erotic troupe” having sex with each other. My date is elated. “I’m going to have masked orgy vision for two months,” he says to me, adding, “that three-girl threesome was killer.” Unfortunately, because of the steep price of membership, it’s unlikely he’ll be going back anytime soon. But the erotic entertainment is quite the fun spectacle.

If there’s one thing I learn from the event, it’s that Snctm members clearly know how to party. So if you have a few thousand to spare to participate in the eroticism of the human race, Scntm now holds events in New York, Cannes, and Moscow.

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