‘Westworld’ Is Finally Introducing The Mystery Man Behind All Of The Parks

In Season 1 of Westworld, the hosts of the theme park discovered that their world was much bigger than they initially thought — and Westworld fans are discovering that there is more to the show than the many parks of Delos Destinations. The hotly anticipated Season 2 of Westworld will expand out further to clue fans into what goes on in the corporation that owns the amusements and is making all this philosophical and scientific research possible. James Delos will appear in Westworld Season 2, played Ozark actor Peter Mullan. He’ll most likely be running some crisis management and trying to salvage the parks.

According to the official Delos Incorporated website created to accompany the show, James Delos is the founder of the company. "Decades ago, a man had an idea as old as human ambition itself, that the only limit to progress is imagination. The ability to see a better world," the site reads. And it seems as though the company’s institutional hubris comes directly from the man himself. Per his bio, he "never lost faith that his dream could take off, and now Delos is more than a name. It’s a legacy."

Delos may be a legacy alright, but judging from how the robotic hosts spent the final moments of Season 1 opening fire on the humans they were programmed not to harm, it looks like that legacy could take a pretty big hit in Season 2. It’s still unclear what role James Delos will have in Westworld as the show goes on, and he didn’t make an appearance in the premiere.

However, the Season 2 trailer for Westworld features one shot of the man known as James Delos — or at least someone who appears to be played by Mullan. James is seen walking alongside what appears to be a private pool, away from Logan (Ben Barnes) who was last seen being sent out of the park by a young William, decades before William became known as the Man in Black. This indicates that the story of Westworld will continue to be told across two separate time periods, and that the Delos founder will be cleaning up a mess in Westworld that occurs a couple decades prior to the mass host uprising.

But why is Logan the one talking to James Delos? In Westworld Season 1 it’s established that Logan’s family owns Delos and that Logan himself would like to see Delos put more money into the park. Logan’s last name is never mentioned in the first season of Westworld, but judging from the intimate setting over which he and James converse, it’s starting to look like Logan could be a Delos himself and that James is possibly his father. William’s final worlds to Logan in Season 1 were "I think your father’s going to need someone a bit more stable to take over," which suggests that if Season 2 does examine the Delos family, then fans could see a fight between William and Logan for control of Westworld and the other parks play out a few decades before the hosts fight for their own freedom. We know that William becomes the Man In Black and gets special treatment by the park, but is that a result of him wresting control away from Logan?

While James Delos’ personality and motivations are yet to be revealed, it’s undeniable that the owner of Delos Industries and Delos Destinations will play a large role in this season’s plot. After all, shouldn’t the owner of Westworld have something to say when the entire thing falls apart? Whatever role the founder thinks he fills in the new season, he’ll likely discover that he’s just a pawn in a game that someone else is playing, just like nearly everyone else in Westworld.

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