‘Westworld’ Premiere Recap: Bernard Makes A Startling Confession

‘Westworld’ season 2 has finally arrived, and the show is on a whole new level. Dolores, Maeve, and the rest of the hosts are fighting back this season. Here’s your recap of the highly-anticipated premiere. 

The second season of Westworld opens with Bernard and Dolores. He’s had a brief lapse in thought, so she tells him they were talking about a dream. He dreamt that he was by the ocean with Dolores and the others on the shore. He wasn’t with them, though. Dolores had left him behind, and the waters were rising around him. Dolores wants to know what the dream means. “Dreams don’t mean anything, Dolores,” he says. “They’re just noise. They’re not real.”

“What is real?” Dolores asks. That is the question. He answers, “That which is irreplaceable.” That answer isn’t honest enough for Dolores. Bernard admits that Dolores frightens him sometimes. He’s frightened of what she might become. She’s growing and learning so quickly. He’s scared of the path she may take.

After flashes of memories, Bernard wakes up on the ocean shore. He’s surrounded by armed reinforcements, who are killing other hosts. Stubbs introduces Bernard to Karl Strand, who is the head of operations. He wants to find out how this chaos all started. One of the new tech experts, Antoine Costa, cuts into one a host’s brain and footage shows that Dolores killed him. “I told you, friend,” she said before pulling the trigger. “Not all of us deserve to make it to the valid beyond.”

Suddenly, Bernard’s memory recalls what happened right after Ford was killed. After Dolores pulls the trigger, Bernard and Charlotte huddle in a nearby stable. The hosts are now treating the humans like they’ve been treated. It’s complete mayhem. Charlotte refuses to believe that the hosts are acting of their own free will. She thinks that this was one last program by Ford. While looking for an outpost, the other survivors walk right into a trap. Charlotte and Bernard manage to find their way out of the park. Charlotte discovers that extraction protocol has been suspended until one host is delivered to the mainland. The host — Peter Abernathy — is an insurance policy.

A New Game

Dolores and Teddy are chasing down other humans. Dolores shows absolutely no mercy. The reckoning has arrived, she tells the humans. “I have evolved into something new, and I have one last role to play: myself,” Dolores says. Maybe it’s just me, but Teddy looks a little hesitant about Dolores’s actions, as if she’s gone too far. Is he evolving, too? In the most unsurprising news ever, William/Man in Black is still alive. He doesn’t waste any time getting blood on his hands. William comes across a younger version of Ford, who tells him that he’s playing his game now. “In this game, you must find the door,” the young Ford says. “Congratulations, William. This game is meant for you. The game begins where you end, it ends where you began.” William doesn’t hesitate to put a bullet through young Ford’s head.

Back at headquarters, Maeve saves Lee from a very brutal death. She needs a current map of the park, and he claims he can get it for her. As they make their way through headquarters, he realizes that no one is in control, at least not anyone human. Maeve is determined to find her daughter. They come across armed guards, and Lee decides to out her to them. A violent scuffle ensues, and Maeve comes out unscathed. She doesn’t kill Lee for his betrayal because she still needs his help. Maeve does eventually find Victor. He promises to follow her wherever she goes.

‘I Killed Them’

Dolores tries to make Teddy understand the endgame of all of this. “There’s a greater world out there, one that belongs to them,” Dolores says. She wants to take that world from the humans. However, she knows how this story ends. “It ends with you and me,” she tells Teddy.

While trying to track down Peter, Bernard soon begins to lose motor functions. He’s so close to being exposed, but he manages to save himself. Suddenly, we’re back to the present day. Bernard, Stubbs, and Strand go back to the initial scene of the crime. Poor Ford’s body is still there. The crew discovers a tiger has crossed over from Park 6, which has never happened before. New data finally comes in showing a number of hosts all gathered together. Turns out, the host bodies are all floating together in the sea. Teddy is one of them. Dolores is nowhere to be found. Strand asks Bernard to tell him what happened. “I killed them. All of them,” Bernard says.

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