Wetherspoons to sell pints of ale for £2 and drinkers can order at the bar from Monday

WETHERSPOONS is celebrating "freedom day" with £2 pints on Monday, and will let drinkers order at the bar.

The pub chain said today that it will serve guest ales from local breweries for £1.99 a pint from next week.

Customers will be able to order at the bar as coronavirus rules on table service-only in pubs are lifted.

Drinkers will also be able to continue to use the Wetherspoons app if they prefer.

It's not yet clear what rules there will be on wearing masks and social distancing inside Wetherspoons pubs.

However the government has said that from July 19, face coverings and social distancing will no longer be a legal requirement.

It is up to individual businesses to decide what Covid safety rules they follow from next week.

Wetherspoons said its beer deal will run throughout the summer, with more than 350 local breweries involved.

Customers will also be able to sample a beer before ordering a full pint.

All of the pubs will also be serving their regular range of real ales, including Abbot, Ruddles and Doom Bar at their normal price.

The initiative will run throughout the summer and  pubs will be supporting a range of brewers in their area.

The beers will be sourced from more than 350 local breweries, with individual pubs selecting the local breweries, whose beers they wish to showcase.

Customers will be able to sample a beer before ordering it.

They will be able to order their beer on the app and also at the bar.

The £1.99 a pint price will be available in 770 Wetherspoon pubs but they prices may vary in 90 Wetherspoon pubs.

Before lockdown, Spoons was offering pints of real ale for as little as 99p.

Wetherspoon’s founder and chairman, Tim Martin, said: “ We are proud of our reputation for supporting local breweries and serving their beer in our pubs.

“Our customers will be able to enjoy some great beers in their local, while supporting local brewers too – and all at a fantastic price.”

This is why Wetherspoons drinks are so cheap-from pouring perfect pints to easy bar setups.

Pub rules for punters will change after restrictions are lifted from July 19 – this is what you need to know.

Pubs and restaurants including Wetherspoons have been forced to close venues due to self-isolating workers.

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