What does MC mean in astrology? Astrologer explains what your Midheaven sign is

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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The Medium Coeli is Latin for ‘middle of the sky’, and it is a point in the ecliptic coordinate system as well as your birth chart. The MC is the southernmost high point above the horizon at your time of birth, and where the Sun was at its highest peak during midday. The MC is the Medium Coeli. Still confused? Don’t worry, Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what the Midheaven sign is and what yours means.

The Medium Coeli is at the top of your birth chart, it’s the highest point of the sky and your chart.

Francesca explained: “The Ascendant is opposite the Descendant and the Ascendant is what you put out into the world so you, therefore, draw in the opposite energy.

“In the same way, The MC and the IC work in an axis, you can look at the MC but you have to understand the IC as well.

“The MC is opposite the IC – they are the top and bottom of the sky.

“In the UK and the northern hemisphere, it’s actually (rather confusingly) flipped on its head, so if you were to use your chart like a compass, your MC is actually due south and your IC is due north.”

Once you’ve wrapped your head around what the MC is, you can start to look into what it means.

In simple terms, the MC is connected to your career because your MC rules the 10th House, and the MC and the 10th House say something about your career.

It is not a constructed persona or the portrait you paint for others, it is how people see you and what jobs that persona lends itself to.

Francesca said: “Your MC should be thought of as your business card. It is your status, the way the world sees you, and what will be on your tombstone.”

It can be thought of as the most well-lit part of your personality, how people see you, think about you, and what they know you as.

Your MC and IC have their roots in your childhood and the people who raised you or were authority figures.

Francesca said: “Your MC describes your parents, but astrologers debate this a lot.

“The MC is traditionally the public parent because it’s the top of the chart and therefore the mother, but often as well the father, it depends.

“I am of the opinion that the MC is the mother and the IC is the father, but I am open to it flipping.

“If the MC is to do with the mother, it can symbolise the unexpressed life of the mother that the mother consciously wants you to live, or it is simply descriptive of your career, how people know you, what kind of work you do, and the impression you leave on other people.”

What is my MC sign?

If you’re curious about your destiny and career, you should find out your MC sign.

The MC is really easy to find, but you’ll need to know your birth time.

In most birth charts it is the sign on the tenth house cusp.

If this is too complicated, use a birth chart tool online that produces a graph or use a specific MC calculator Midheaven Sign Calculator

What does my MC mean?

Here’s what careers you’re more likely to go into based on your MC.


Francesca said: “Aries is anything competitive – they want to come first.”

Because of this, this placement is suited to sales or sports


Francesca said: “A Taurus MC is into anything material.”

She suggested the following careers: gardening, architecture, yoga teacher, musician, something to do with food.


Gemini is hands down a journalist or in some form of media.


Francesca said Cancerian MCs will be into nursing, anything to do with history, fashion or antiques


Lucky Leo MCs just have that special something called star quality.

They might become famous, go into acting, or do anything that gets them in the limelight.


Virgo MCs are “super medical, anything into detail, running a business, neat, and efficient.”

This sign is your classic P.A or manager.


Libra MC is more known for their relationships but also for art, working in a partnership, or law.


Francesca said Scorpio MCs are likely to work in forensics, finance, or as a private detective


Sagittarian MCs are your typical salespeople, teachers, and people who want to travel


This sign can almost do anything they want, as long as it gets them to the top!

However, Francesca said they’re more drawn to traditional professions like accountancy.


Aquarius is unconventional, friendly and humanitarian.

An Aquarian MC indicates you want to “bring communities together” or be a “spokesperson for other people”


A Pisces MC is very unique and suggests you are drawn to the mystic or perhaps want to be a poet, astrologer or charity worker.

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