What does your HAIRSTYLE says about you?

What does YOUR hairstyle say about you? Stylist shares what popular cuts reveal about your personality – from ‘annoying’ women with polished lobs to ‘reliable’ brunette waves

  • Stylist Tom Smith has revealed what your hairstyle says about your personality
  • Tom says women with long ‘expensive brunette’ waves are shier than they seem
  • Meanwhile women with a ‘long bob’ are likely to irritate their loved ones

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But have you ever stopped to think about what your hair reveals about your inner nature? 

From being irritating to outgoing, British hair stylist Tom Smith believes the way a woman chooses to cut and style her hair can offer an insight into her deepest personality traits. 

Tom, who is International Creative Director at Evo hair products, explained how the level of upkeep, styling and individuality involved means each haircut reflects a woman’s character, even when she doesn’t realise it.

A woman with a sharp, long bob, or ‘lob’, for example, tends to be extremely organised and detail oriented, according to Tom, while breezy bottleneck bangs create the impression of someone with a carefree attitude. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Tom, who posts about his work on Instagram, breaks down nine of the most popular hairstyles and shares what they reveal about the person wearing them… 

BOTTLENECK BANGS: Relaxed and feminine 

Relaxed and feminine: Bottleneck bangs are often combined with long 70’s style layers and a ‘lived in’ blonde highlighted colour to create a look that can take a woman from city to beach

Bangs that take inspiration from the neck of a bottle, starting slim and shorter in the middle, curving longer around the eyes, and then longest following the line of the cheekbone. Combined with long 70’s style layers and a ‘lived in’ blonde highlighted colour.

What the hairstyle says about you: You don’t want to pick between beach or city breaks and so your personal style hovers between the two. 

You have a relaxed and feminine energy and appreciate the versatility of a hairstyle that can take you from office to social time. 

You never look like you’ve tried too hard but you certainly take care of your appearance, it is simply cleverly disguised. 

You always have an air of youth, freeness and warmth about you that is very endearing to those around you.

How to achieve the look: To get Bottleneck Bangs ask your hairstylist to create longer bang that skims your cheekbones at an angle that flatters your face, curving around your face to create a layer that sits somewhere between your cheekbones and jaw, and then ask for the central part to be cut shorter, keeping the cutting line soft and choppy, with the shortest part in the middle and getting longer on the edges. 

NATURAL CURLS (3D curls): Calm in a crisis

Calm and confident: A woman celebrating her natural texture feels strong and connected to her surroundings. People are drawn to her because of her infectious positivity

The celebration of hairtypes 3a, 3b, 3c, and 4a, 4b, and 4c. Textured hair has it’s own beautiful personality and can be embraced using strong hold and conditioning products to give definition and shine.

Expert insight: Hair stylist Tom Smith

What the hairstyle says about you: You don’t get stressed or overwhelmed easily but feel strong and connected to your surroundings. 

You have a calm and centred nature while being the soul of the party and people are drawn to your infectious positivity.

You have an emotional connection to your hair and regard it as an extension of your inner self. You are confident and lead with kindness but don’t suffer fools gladly!

How to achieve the look: Like a lioness you wear your curls with pride. There are no rules to whether the curls are defined/small or loose and multi dimensional with different lengths and sizes.

For 3D curls a strong hold high shine product is styled into the curls and left to dry before massing out the cast of the product. If desired the curls can simply be styled with a light leave in conditioner for a fluffier aerated look. 

LONG ‘EXPENSIVE BRUNETTE’ WAVES: Reliable and trustworthy 

Sticking to what she knows: A woman with ‘expensive brunette’ waves is feminine and girlish and knows what she feels comfortable in – and doesn’t want to be the centre of attention

Mid-Long, relaxed layered brunette hair styled in natural, loose waves and enhanced with sun kissed highlights or lowlights for depth and dimension.

What the hairstyle says about you: You know what you feel comfortable wearing and don’t take big fashion risks, you feel feminine and girlish and don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention. 

You are playful without being over the top and are most confident when in small groups of your closest friends. 

You are open minded and reliable and known as a trustworthy confidant.

How to achieve the look: Ask your stylist for long, fluid layers that are no shorter than ‘chin length’ and play with the idea of sun kissed balayage highlights or the more trend led ‘expensive brunette’ combination of lighter and darker panels of colour. 

THE CURLY SHAG: Fun, outgoing and kind 

Plenty of volume: A woman who has a curly shag is fun, outgoing and extremely kind and doesn’t sweat the small stuff, as her easy, breezy flyaway hair style might suggest

A rounded, layered shape, incorporating a long, choppy bangs that celebrates wavy, curly or textured hair. The curls frame the face and encourage volume and movement.

What the hairstyle says about you: You are fun, outgoing and extremely kind, you love to dance and always take life as it comes with a self assured and stable attitude. 

You’ll do anything for anyone and treat mother nature with respect in everything you do. You don’t sweat the small stuff!

How to achieve the look: Ask your stylist for a ‘shag’ haircut or rounded layers that curve around your face. 

If you have curly hair, you’ll need to work with an expert that is experienced in cutting textured hair as this look is all about the correct silhouette and face frame. 

THE POLISHED LOB: Irritating and organised 

She means business: Styled with volume and shine, the lob is a luxurious and expensive looking haircut that is elegant yet youthful. The woman underneath is often very organised

Featuring a razor sharp edge, this hair cut is great for medium to thick hair and celebrated the bluntness of a precision haircut. Styled with volume and high shine this is a luxurious and expensive looking haircut that is elegant yet youthful.

What the hairstyle says about you: You are extremely organised and detail oriented, you are the ultimate party planner and the go to person to get your friendship group together on trips and social plans.

You are often mistaken for being bossy and can annoy the ones you love. You are an early riser and are known for being productive before the sun rises! 

A great fan of a blow dry you are skilled at doing your own hair but often choose a blow dry bar visit (while answering emails and taking work calls of course!)

Everyone can count on you to follow through on your commitments and therefore you are a trustworthy friend who is straight talking and tells you the truth – whether others are ready to hear it or not!

How to achieve the look: A smooth blow dry with, Evo Lockdown leave In treatment to smooth and polish the hair. 

Use a round brush to style slightly under/inwards. Lots of product is used in the conditioning stages to keep your hair looking extremely silky and polished. 

SHARP BOB: Sophisticated risk-taker 

Leader of the pack: A sharp bob screams ‘cool girl’ who isn’t afraid to take risks and can pull off almost any look thanks to her edgy attitude and flair for fashion

Sitting around chin length this works great on straighter or medium-fine hair types as it encourages thickness and looks well defined. Works well with a middle or side parting and should be styled straight or with a minimal kink.

What the hairstyle says about you: Your friends go to you for fashion advice as you are always ahead of the trends. Known as the ‘cool girl’ you aren’t scared to take risks and can pull off anything with your edgy attitude and flare.

There’s still an edge of sophistication though, and everything you turn your hand to, you do it well. You have an eye for detail and like things to be ‘just so’. 

Fun and flirtatious, you have lots of admirers and love the attention. Your energy is infectious and others are drawn to your cool confident persona. You are definitely not short of friends.

How to achieve the look: Ask your stylist for a precision haircut that sits around your chin length. 

Style this by using your straightening irons just on the last couple of inches of the length to give the sharpness to the edge while retaining volume and movement overall. You can also tuck one side behind your ear for a more styled look. 


Self-confident and carefree 

Less is more: Fans of the French bob also tend to buy vintage over fast fashion and believe in quality, not quantity. Full of self-confidence, she might finish the look with a red lip

A jaw length bob that turns up towards the face and has a short fringe. Great on textured or wavy hair it’s a precision cut that gets its personality from being worn with your natural messy texture. Very wash-and-wear it’s a super low maintenance style but does need to be trimmed every 6 weeks.

What the hairstyle says about you: You have an intuitive sense of style and ooze self-confidence. You have an amazing jaw line and love wearing a strong lip to exaggerate your French bob.

You are also naturally a sociable person who is carefree. 

You appreciate quality over quantity and make fashion choices based on investment pieces rather than fast fashion. You are less likely to entertain passing trends and exude an understated elegance.

How to achieve the look: This is all about the cut and maintaining the cut. You will need to commit to your regular hair appointments, which means you save time on the day-to-day styling of your hair because the strong haircut simply falls into place. 


Busy and adventurous 

Fans of the wet-look bun tend to always be on the go, and prefer not to waste time on washing their hair (stock image)

A chic style that is as practical as it is fashionable. This look is a great opportunity to make the most of conditioning treatments, as the wet looks result can be achieved using your favourite hair mask, in place of a styling gel. 

This is the preferred style for unwashed hair as it looks chic but low maintenance. 

You are either too busy to wash it or prefer not to ‘over wash’ your hair and leave it when you can. A great style for deep nourishing conditioner treatments as you can leave it on.

What the hairstyle says about you: As you are busy and always ‘on the go’ you have learnt the benefit of clever fashion choices such as using heavy jewellery to distract from your ‘wash day’ hair.

You love fashion but have a practical side and make choices that work for your fast paced lifestyle. You are adventurous and have a wild side – you particularly love the outdoors and like extreme sports. 

You are always on the go and embrace opportunities and generally up for anything. You love a challenge and competitive on every level, and aren’t afraid to get stuck in to any new experience.

How to achieve the look: Saturate your hair with a strong hold styling gel (or your favourite hair mask – I Love OIaplex No.3, which contrast to some opinions can be left on as long as you like without overloading the hair) and create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. 

You can do this with a sharp parting or brush all your hair straight back, as desired. Twist the length of the ponytail around the base and secure with hairpins. 


A perfectionist who expects the best

If you’re a fan of the high poytail, it’s likely that you’re confident and have high standards in life, always wanting the best of everything (stock image)

A sleek, snatched look that lifts the face and secures your hair while keeping height, volume and movement from a long swishy ponytail. Practical and strong, yet feminine and playful!

What the hairstyle says about you: You are a perfectionist and like to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. You are confident and strong-minded and want your hair to be held in place, out of your way, yet consciously styled and designed. 

You love a tailored outfit and would sooner wear a sharp power suit over a long gown. You like to be in control and are clear on your own morals, opinions and beliefs. 

You don’t like to compromise and want the best in life. Keeping your hair out of your face, but showing off your long, glossy ponytail is a great way of keeping this ‘just so’ while celebrating your freedom and flirtatiousness.

How to achieve the look: After securing a high ponytail, the use of a toothbrush and some hairspray is a great way of keeping your hairline sleek and tidy by flattening down any ‘flyaways’. 

If you aren’t already sporting very long hair, a clip in hairpiece can be a great way of achieving a super long, glossy ponytail like Ariana while protecting your natural hair. 

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