What the Playboy Playmates did next – Church of Satan, adult films and politics

Before the days of social media and OnlyFans, if you wanted to ogle half naked women you had no choice but to buy a top shelf mag – and Playboy was the most famous of them all.

Until its final print issue in March 2020, Playboy was synonymous with busty babes in various states of undress – and some of them have gone on to become very famous.

Each issue featured a 'Playmate of the Month', who was the real star of the magazine – she was the fully nude centrefold.

Pamela Anderson was on the cover of the US edition of the magazine a record-breaking fourteen times, but only Playmate of the Month once, in February 1990.

But what other famous women have bared all in the most famous lads' mag of them all?

Erika Eleniak

Gorgeous Erika was the July 1989 Playmate, and like fellow blonde bombshell Pammy, was in Baywatch, playing lifeguard Shauni McClain.

Shauni left Mitch Buchanan and the other lifeguards in 1992, which was the same year Erika appeared in Under Siege alongside action hero Steven Seagal.

Her iconic scene featured her character, Jordan Tate, suffocating in a giant cake she was meant to leap out of.

Later struggles with her weight would lead her to appear on the 2016 series of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.

She is still acting today.

Jayne Mansfield

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A contemporary of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield was Playmate in February 1955, posing completely nude in the mag.

Her gaudy sense of style and incredible figure have cemented her status as an eternal pop-culture icon… but it's the creepy theories about her shocking death have ironically immortalised her legacy.

She died in a freak car accident in June 1967 which left her 'almost beheadded'.

Prior to her shocking death, she had befriended Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

Her connection with the charismatic Occultist has seen people question if she was a secret Satanic Priestess, or if her death was payback for a shady deal made with the Devil himself.

Shannon Tweed

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Shannon was Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's girlfriend for 14 months, and not only did she live with him at the infamous Playboy Mansion, he made her Playmate of the Month in November 1981, too.

However, the following year she met her now-husband, KISS bassist Gene Simmons, when he came to party with Hef' and the Bunnies.

But, if he ever missed her, all he had to do was pop to the local video shop and rent one of the erotic thrillers she became famous for, which included Possessed by the Night, Body Chemistry, and Sexual Response.

Marina Pepper

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It's not only Baywatch babes, suspected Satanists and adult movie stars who get to grace the pages of Playboy – British MP Marina Pepper was once in the mag!

In March 1987 a then-19 year old English rose called Marina Baker was Playmate of the Month.

Fast forward almost thirty years and she has lived an incredibly colourful life, being a key figure of anti-fracking protests in 2013; was Liberal Democrat councillor in Lewes, East Sussex; and she served as the mayor of Telscombe.

In 2014 she challenged Iain Duncan Smith for his constituency when she joined anarchist party Class War to fight for the rights of disabled and vulnerable people affected by Tory cuts.

Dorothy Stratten

The Canadian model's story is seeped in tragedy – she was murdered by her 'pimp' husband Paul Snider when she was just 20 years old.

Her rise to stardom was a quick one, and just months after Snider sent professionally taken nude photographs of her to Playboy, the couple moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Dorothy was Playmate of the Month in August 1979, and worked at the exclusive Playboy Club, where Hef apparently thought she had genuine star quality – and set her up with some Hollywood acting roles.

Snider was insanely jealous, and realised that he was losing control of his cash cow… especially when his estranged wife grew close to another man she had met while filming.

On August 14 1980, she was found raped and murdered at the home she formerly shared with Snider.

He had taken his own life after shooting her in the face.

Her tragic life story has been the subject of two films, STAR 80 (which was Snider's numberplate) and Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story.

Teri Weigel

In April 1986 Teri was Playmate of the Month – and from that moment on she has barely had a break from the camera.

She is another Playmate who has appeared in a Steven Seagal movie, playing 'sexy girl 2' in Marked for Death.

Fans of hardcore porn will be familiar with her award-winning work in XXX-rated movies including American Milf, Wet Event, and The Cougar Club 4.

Teri entered the porn movie world after a serious car accident in 1990 meant she was unable to work for months, and the financial implications meant that she and her husband lost their home. The couple decided it might be a good way to get themselves back on track, and marketed her as "the only Playmate to go hardcore".

It's been reported that she was so in demand, she was paid $4,000 a day (£2,300).

Sadly her new adult film career meant that her contract with Playboy was terminated as they have a strict 'no porn' clause for their models.

For a while she also worked at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, the Nevada brothel featured on an episode of Louis Theroux, and has been a 'guest stripper' at Spearmint Rhino in the US.

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