What’s In The ‘A Star Is Born’ Extended Version? Here’s What’s In The Extra 12 Minutes

If you are one of the many people who keeps hitting replay on the A Star Is Born soundtrack and has not stopped thinking about the epic musical love story since it premiered last fall, then you are not going to want this week go by without getting to the movie theater to see the special Encore re-release. Coming off of its impressive awards season (including nabbing an Oscar for Best Original Song), A Star Is Born is returning to theaters with 12 extra minutes of footage. So, what’s in the A Star Is Born extended version? Here is what fans have to look forward to in the 12 newly added minutes of the movie.

Mostly, the extended re-release, known as A Star Is Born Encore, fills up its 12 new minutes by extending many of the performance scenes. The release features longer takes of Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson Maine singing his songs "Black Eyes" and "Alibi," as well as a longer a cappella performance of Lady Gaga’s Ally singing "Shallow" in a parking lot with Jackson. There are also a few added bits of dialogue, but the bulk of the Encore edition is the music.

And the new A Star Is Born release does not just extend performances from the original theatrical cut — it also adds in some fan-favorite songs from the soundtrack that were not in the movie before. The soundtrack song "Is That Alright?" is finally featured in the film, as Ally sings it during her wedding sequence, and the extended movie also includes the soundtrack song "Too Far Gone," which Jackson records in a studio.

Most excitingly, though, is that A Star Is Born Encore introduces a brand new original song, along with finally giving us the scene that is shown in the movie’s iconic poster. A newly added scene shows Jackson and Ally sprawled out on a massive, empty stage, as the two sing the new song "Clover" together. The movie has already released a snippet of this scene, so you can check that out below:

Those extended performances, added-in soundtrack songs, and the "Clover" scene make up the bulk of the new 12 minutes in A Star Is Born Encore, but superfans of the movie will also notice a bunch of slight dialogue additions or some very brief new scenes. So it is well worth your time to go check out the extended edition of the movie while you can if you left the theater wanting more after you first saw it.

If you want to catch A Star Is Born Encore in theaters, though, you are going to have to hurry. The re-release will only be on the big screen for a week, beginning this past Friday. Fans only have until the end of this work week to secure their tickets to see the encore edition with these 12 extra minutes of footage. But do not worry too much if you missed out on seeing the new version in theaters, because it will be released on Blu Ray and DVD soon after the re-release ends its theatrical run.

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