Who’ll find love on our blind date?

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Carole, 72, and Roland, 71

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Carole, 72, and Roland, 71,… but will romance be on the cards?

  • Every week FEMAIL sends a couple on a blind date and asks them to report back 
  • This week Carole, 72, and Roland, 71, had dinner at The Goring Hotel in London
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Every week we send a couple out on a blind date to see if there is a hint of romance, or if sparks fly.

This time Roland Heath, 71, went for dinner at The Goring hotel in London with Carole Latter, 72.

Roland, a retired businessman, lives in West Sussex and has four children and two grandchildren. Carole from Finchley, North London, is retired from the fashion industry. She has two children and three grandchildren. Both are divorced.

Carole Latter (pictured), 72, from Finchley, North London has retired from working in the fashion industry


I’ve been on quite a few dates since my divorce three years ago, but haven’t had any real relationships. I was married for 38 years so I think it’s hard to start again as, of course, we’re all older and out of practice at dating — but that doesn’t stop me!

I want love, companionship and someone to share my wonderful life with. I fit a lot into it and want to enjoy every moment.

My passion is music — everything from Motown to classical — and I love dancing, so would ideally like to meet someone with my energy levels.

I’m very social and love people. I play bridge, do lots of volunteering, entertain friends — and am famous for my chopped liver, chicken soup and latkas (potato pancakes)! I also spend time with family. It’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

I was really looking forward to the date. I wanted to be smart as it was The Goring, but also comfortable because I always think you look better when you are happy with what you are wearing.

I used to work in ladies’ fashion, manufacturing occasionwear to sell to boutiques, so clothes are important to me. They were the first thing I noticed about Roland. He was smartly dressed and had made an effort and obviously takes good care of himself.

It was a good first impression. He had also done a lovely thing of bringing me a rose.

We had an awful lot in common so chatted away happily about music, our families and discovered both of us had never smoked. He keeps fit, and I use the treadmill every day so I think we have the same attitude to life.

I liked the fact he adores his children and is clearly a wonderful father, qualities I value. He probably told me more about himself than he asked about me, but maybe that’s a man thing.

Sadly though, there was no lightning strike. We got on very well, but there wasn’t really any banter and certainly no flirting.

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I’ve experienced that spark in the past, but I’m finding it’s more elusive with older men. That said, I would have given Roland another try as we got on so well.

I did give him the opportunity to meet up again — coincidentally I’m going to the theatre in Chichester and thought he might suggest meeting for coffee, but he didn’t.

How important is age in relationships?

Age should never be a barrier to finding love, says our Dating Doctor Alana Kirk.

  • People of every age look for love.
  • You’re never ‘too’ anything. Everyone deserves to be loved.
  • The hardest step is often the first one. Go out and enjoy dates for what they are.

The Goring was amazing. We both like our food, so it was a treat, even if the portions were rather small!

I’m still up for dating although friends think I’m mad. But I’m still a little bit optimistic I can find love again. Why not? I’m looking for a family man with a warm personality who is tactile, and loves sunshine and travel. I hope he is out there, because life is for living. And loving.

Liked: He was smart and well presented.

Regrets: None at all.

Coffee or cab? Coffee.

Verdict: 8/10


Roland Heath (pictured), 71, from West Sussex is a retired businessman

This was my first date in 35 years. I was married for 33, but my wife decided to leave and that was that. Until recently I haven’t felt ready to date, my divorce was too raw, but now I feel it’s the right time to start. I don’t think you should ever give up looking for love.

I’m looking for someone fit and full of life like me. Age is just a number. People might hear 71 when I say my age, but I still play golf regularly, walk, cycle, and work on my garden.

I also love eating out and going to the cinema, enjoy holidays abroad and music is a great passion, so I would love someone to share those things with.

I’m a confident guy so wasn’t too nervous before our date, but couldn’t decide what to wear.

I wanted to be smart and make an impression, but didn’t want to put on a shirt and tie. It felt too formal, despite the fact we were going to The Goring!

I arrived early and left a rose for Carole on the table then I waited in the lounge until she arrived.

Carole is such a wonderful woman, and from the word go we got on very well. We talked about our families, obviously, but really found common ground when we realised our mutual love of music, and shared experience of pirate radio in the Fifties.

We agreed we had been born in the best slot of history to be alive, post-war with the emergence of fantastic music.

We were both very honest about our lives which was so refreshing. I have to admit though, despite being so warm and fun, Carole isn’t really my type. She’s slightly older than me and although that’s not an issue, I’m used to seeing younger women. My ex-wife is 17 years younger than me.

I enjoyed the evening a lot and we got on really well but I couldn’t see us going out in a romantic way. I’m not sure, but I think Carole felt the same way. Neither of us suggested a second date.

We got on very well, though, and did not want to leave. We parted with a kiss on the cheek.

I am a family man and was also lucky to have an interesting job running a private, adult education centre, where I got to know many fascinating people. This date was an important step towards finding a special person to share my life with.

It is difficult to start again in your 70s as people are set in their ways and many think love is unavailable to them.

That said, I think you have to feel an instant connection. I still want that spark.

Carole will make someone a wonderful partner, and she was a lovely person to have my first post-divorce date with, but sadly the chemistry just wasn’t there.

Liked: Her personality and openness.

Regrets: None.

Coffee or cab? Coffee.

Verdict: 8/10

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