Whoops, The Evil Company From ‘Incredibles 2’ Shares A Name With A Real One

June 15’s Incredibles 2 brings a brand new story featuring your favorite Pixar superheroes, following the Parr family as they face new villains and adventures. One of the biggest parts of the sequel’s story is the introduction of DevTech, a telecommunications company that’s focused on helping superheroes after the government cuts ties with the heroes and makes them illegal. But even though the superhero element is (sadly) fictional, is DevTech from Incredibles 2 based on a a real company?

There is, in fact, a real company called DevTech that’s based in Virginia, but turns out the name is merely a coincidence. According to the real company’s site, DevTech “provides the advisory and technical assistance that countries need to create conditions for sustainable growth.” The movie’s fictional DevTech, however, has vastly different goals. In Incredibles 2, DevTech is run by Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn Deavor, who inherited the company from their superhero-supportive parents. Winston plays a large role in setting up the movie’s Elastigirl-focused story by using her as the face of his campaign to bring back superheroes. Evelyn’s role in the story, meanwhile, is a bit more mysterious, but seems to be just as big.

In an awesome move, Incredibles 2 shifts focus from the male heroes to the women, with DevTech playing a significant role in their storylines. As said, Elastigirl is the main hero in the film, but fan-favorite Edna Mode also makes her triumphant return as an even bigger fashion icon than before. As Nerdist reports, the movie’s shading art director Bryn Imagire was told by director/screenwriter Brad Bird that Edna is Japanese-German. Imagire decided to use this as an influence while designing the brand new outfits Edna wears in the film, which include bright, bold designs that show how much her style has evolved since the first movie. Fittingly, Edna’s role in Incredibles 2 is bigger than in the original, with the designer playing a large role in helping the family when things get out of control in the super world.

And if you’re wondering whether Parr daughter Violet also has a large part in this sequel, you’ll be happy to know she does. While her role is not as big as her mom’s, she does team up with her siblings to save the world from evil. Even though she’s no longer super shy, she’s still like any other teenage girl just trying not to be awkward while facing her crush.

In addition to these familiar characters, the movie also introduces a brand new female superhero. Part of the plot involves Wannabe Supers, a group of misfits who admire superheroes and want to become the next generation. This includes Voyd, a young hero who is Elastigirl’s biggest fan and has the power of manipulating objects by the use of portals. Slash Film reports that at a press conference, Bird gave some details about Voyd’s unique personality.

“I described her to the animators like we had this dog who is a very big, powerful dog that only has two settings. One is in your face, ‘Love me, love me, love me!’ The other is when you say ‘get off’ and it’s ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” said Bird. "Then you say ‘Oh, it’s OK’ and it’s [back to] ‘Love me, love me, love me!’ She’s a little bit like that, where she’s always leaning in a little too much and ready to ask you ten million questions."

With the inclusion of DevTech and its tycoons, as well as bigger roles for characters like Helen and Edna, it sounds like so many female characters will have their time to shine in Incredibles 2

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