Why Jo Needs Her Space Right Now On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Jo and Alex have proven to be one of the strongest powerhouse couples on Grey’s Anatomy. However, after meeting her birth mother and learning the truth of how she came into existence, Jo is starting to act very distant to Alex and has yet to open up to him about what happened. But it seems she does end up talking to someone about it: Link. The promo for Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy features Jo and Link’s friendship on full display. And while some viewers may feel uneasy with the fact that Jo is choosing to confide in Link over her husband, there’s a really good reason behind her choice.

First of all, let’s start off with the fact that this is Jo and Alex we’re talking about here. As much as Grey’s Anatomy has a flair for the dramatic, these two have been through far too much together to have it all go up in flames so quickly. So just because Jo isn’t ready to tell Alex about what she’s currently dealing with doesn’t indicate that their marriage is over. Second of all, Jo was just informed that she is a child of rape. That’s a lot to have to deal with and she has every right to process this information in any way she sees fit. This is first and foremost about her, not Alex. And even though his motives are entirely selfless, she doesn’t need more added pressure to open up until she’s good and ready.

Enter Link. If you recall, their friendship goes way back. So far back that when they saw each other in the hospital Link called her Brooke, Jo’s real name from when she was married to her abusive husband, Paul (though Link assured Alex that he had no idea that Paul was an abuser). Jo explained to Alex that they had waited tables together and said that he’s always been like a brother to her. (Granted, a brother we’ve never heard her mention until now, but I’ll let it slide.)

The point is, Link has a direct connection to Jo’s past, back when she was living a completely different life. He’s aware of everything that she’s gone through and was part of her journey during that time, so it makes sense that if anyone was going to help her cope with all of this, it would be him.

So what makes me so sure that Jo and Alex are going to be able to get through this and come out on the other side stronger than ever? Because in the promo Alex is the one to reach out to Link for help. This shows that he cares more about what’s best for her than any insecurities he’s potentially felt about their friendship in the past. It’s that kind of support and love that can make a marriage withstand just about anything life throws at it.

So don’t worry, this duo is a Grey’s Anatomy ship built to last.

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