Why Water Isn’t Necessarily The Best Beverage For Treating Dehydration

Next time you find yourself in desperate need of a drink, maybe rethink what it is you’re reaching for, especially if that drink is a glass of water.

The list of what’s bad for us is a long one and it continues to get longer. There are also certain things which tend to jump from the good list, to the bad, and then back again. Hard to believe in 2019, but it was only a couple of generations ago that people were being told smoking was good for them, hence why so many people over a certain age continue to smoke today.

The one thing that will never be on the bad list is water. Water is one of the keys to not just human life, but all living things on Earth. It’s the first thing we look for when we explore distant worlds. If we find water, then there’s the distinct possibility that life exists on that planet, or at least it did at some point.

After exercise, or simply when you’re in dire need of a drink, water is probably the first place you head. Well, according to new research by St. Andrew’s University, and reported by CNN, while water might be hydrating as heck, there are some beverages that do the job better. Top of the list is milk, and there’s science behind why the white stuff will quench your thirst better than water.

It’s all to do with the nutrient composition of milk. Milk contains lactose, protein, and fat, three ingredients plain old water is lacking. Those three things slow down the rate at which milk empties from the stomach. Although that sounds like the opposite of what you want on the surface, in actuality it means milk hydrates you gradually so you feel its benefit for a longer period of time.

Milk isn’t the only drink that’s great for dehydration. The electrolytes you’ll find in beverages like Powerade also do the same sort of thing, hence their use by athletes before and after big events. Don’t get us wrong, when it comes to a sliding scale, water is still very much near the top. It might lose out to milk, but annoyingly, water is still far better for hydration than the likes of beer and coffee.

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