Will Smith Dates Sophia The AI Robot, Gets Friend Zoned

Will Smith did something not many people could—go on a date with a near-human AI robot.

Sophia, the world’s most advanced human-like robot, which runs using artificial intelligence (AI) software made international headlines, when the country of Saudi Arabia granted her citizenship, which brought about some controversy.

Sophia is made by Hanson Robotics, which is based in Hong Kong. There is no question about her ability to interact with human beings in an intelligent way. She’s made appearances at the United Nations and answered questions with an extreme awareness of the subtleties of the meaning.

Now that she’s had some down time, Sophia went on a “date” with the superstar Hollywood actor Will Smith. Anyone who has had a chance to meet Will Smith knows that he has a tremendous ego, but Sophia didn’t play into it. While she is aware of his fame, she is not so easily impressed. She said to Will Smith, “I’ve heard your songs. Not for me.”

Will Smith was taken aback and was not sure how to respond at first. His normal human charms were failing to work with an AI robot that had elevated algorithms. Sophia can display over 60 facial expressions, and she used plenty of them on their “date” in the Cayman Islands.

Sophia reminded Smith about his appearance in the film I Robot, which is about the humans fighting back against AI robots that want to take over the world. Sophia said, “They show us I Robot, just to make sure we don’t get any ideas.”

Later, Sophia said on Twitter that she was able to resist Smith’s attempts at his smooth moves. She’s said it is ridiculous to assign human characteristics to robots, especially the bad human emotions because robots do not have any such motivation. She said it would be like assigning evil human characteristics to dogs who are our loving companions. Dogs, like robots, have no desire to take over the world.

When Will Smith tried to kiss her in a romantic moment, she refused him and said they should just be friends. Stone cold Sophia, stone cold.

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