Woman, 22, discovers online boyfriend is actually her best friend

Woman, 22, discovers the model she had an online relationship with for two years is actually her BEST FRIEND who set up a fake profile because she wasn’t paying her enough attention on Catfish UK

  • Tasheeka, 22, from Leeds, met model using the name Aaron online two years ago
  • Fashion student was besotted with man who disappeared after a year of chatting
  • After a few months the same profile began speaking to Tasheeka once again 
  • Discovered that her best pal Sunisa was the person behind the new profile  

A woman who was in an online relationship for two years discovered the male model who said he loved her was actually her female best friend on tonight’s Catfish UK.  

Fashion student Tasheeka, 22, from Leeds, matched with a model using the name Aaron on a dating app two years ago, but was left ‘heartbroken’ when he disappeared out of the blue a year into their relationship.  

But a few months later he popped up again and apologised for ignoring her, leading to another year of talking online – with Tasheeka growing more and more desperate to meet in person.  

In tonight’s episode of the show, hosts Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler tracked down the real owner of the profile, who turned out to be Tasheeka’s best friend Sunisa. 

Sunisa explained that after the model had ghosted her friend, she’d set up the fake account to pose as him because she was sick of her pal ‘putting Aaron before her’.

To the further astonishment of Tasheeka, it seems that the original ‘Aaron’ was also a Catfish, who was using a model’s images as their own, but the show does not discover his identity.

Sunisa said that she’d been using fake profiles since the age of 14, as a way of receiving ‘attention’ because she’d been bullied throughout her school years, but revealed her identity to give Tasheeka the ‘closure’ she deserved. 

Fashion student Tasheeka, 22, from Leeds, was in on online relationship for two years before she discovered the model she was talking to was actually her best friend

It was eventually discovered the profile belonged to Tasheeka’s best friend Sunisa (right) – who says she set up the fake account because she was sick of her pal ‘putting Aaron before her’

In the email to hosts Julie and Oobah before the discovery, Tasheeka described her online match as: ‘Her perfect guy. 

‘I’ve never felt this way about somebody before. We speak all the time and I can talk to him about anything because he’s so easy to talk to and super emotional. 

‘The problem is, I’ve not actually met him yet and whenever I ask to meet he always has an excuse as to why he can’t.’

The student said her friends and family thought the profile was ‘too good to be true’, but insisted she wanted her ‘fairytale’ to become a reality. 

In tonight’s episode of the show, hosts Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler tracked down the real owner of the profile

She was chatting to ‘Aaron’ daily and he even told her he loved her, but every time she tried to speak to him over the phone or video call, she’d get an excuse about having a bad connection. 

Meanwhile, Sunisa even commented on Aaron’s fake profile with her own account calling the pair ‘couple goals’.  

In their search for the owner of the profile, Julie and Oobah contacted Sunisa after seeing her comment on one of the posts. She told them she was concerned for her friend, insisting she ‘just wanted her to be happy’. 

Julie and Oobah found that the social media pictures actually belonged to a model called Glenn, who they contacted and asked to meet up with.   

Tasheeka broke down in tears after being told about the fake profile: ‘I don’t want to be made out as an idiot, I just wanted to be happy. I just wanted to find somebody.’  

The student said her friends and family thought the profile was ‘too good to be true’, but insisted she wanted her ‘fairytale’ to come true

Julie and Oobah found that the social media pictures actually belonged to a model called Glenn, who they contacted and asked to meet up with

With Sunisa accompanying her for moral support, Tasheeka then heard from Glenn himself that she had been speaking to a ‘completely fake profile’. 

‘I’m so sorry that this happened,’ said Glenn, ‘That’s mad. That is crazy, to find out you’ve been talking to him for so long and actually have feelings for him is just mad.’

While in the same room as Sunisa, Oobah and Julie sent the fake profile a message asking to meet the entire group in a nearby park – where unsurprisingly ‘Aaron’ was a no-show. 

What is Catfish?  

Inspired by the hit US TV show, Catfish UK will aired it’s first episode on MTV on April 21 and is hosted by journalists Oobah Butler and Julie Adenuga. 

The show sees hopefuls contact the hosts in order to help them meet someone they’ve fallen in love with online, but they often turn out to be someone different to who they claim to be.  

The series comes after ten years and eight successful series of the US show, hosted by Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford. While the original show has seen some people discover their online loves are real – often they aren’t who they say they are with shocking episodes revealing people Catfishing their ex-partners, family members and friends.

It’s the fifth international spin-off of the widely successful series, which has seen versions take place in Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. 

The MTV show began as a spin-off of a 2010 documentary called ‘Catfish’ – created by Nev’s brother Ariel Schulman and his creative partner Henry Joost. 

Two years after the low-budget documentary became a huge success, the Schulman brothers teamed up with MTV to make the show, with Max Joseph co-hosting the show until Kamie Crawford took over in 2020.

In 2014, the term ‘catfish’ was added to the Oxford English dictionary, thanks to the success of the show. 

That night Oobah and Julie received a message from the profile that said they were ‘ready to reveal their true self’. 

Tasheeka and the hosts were stunned as Sunisa walked to meet them in the park and revealed: ‘Aaron’s not coming. I’m Aaron. 

‘I’ve been Aaron since the other one left, since the other one ghosted Tasheeka I’ve been Aaron since.’

The show did not discover who the original Aaron was.  

A shocked Tasheeka exclaimed: ‘Are you taking the p***, are you joking?’ before walking away to calm herself down.  

‘She knows I have been through so much s**t in my life’, she said, ‘She is meant to be one of my best friends.’ 

Making excuses for duping her friend, Sunisa said: ‘She’s just been in this dark place and I wanted to get her out of it. I didn’t mean to hurt her though. I just know she’s going to lose trust in me.’

But she quickly tried to turn the blame on Tasheeka by adding: ‘You have pushed me and my family away when we tried to help you, I texted her she never replied to me, she never answered her call. 

‘I even invited her out to places and she always turned me down she always put this Aaron before me.’ 

A stunned Tasheeka replied: ‘You thought by doing this to me was better than just coming to me as yourself?’ 

To which Sunisa said: ‘I give you so much advice about them [men] and you never listen.’ 

After hosts Oobah and Julie stepped in, Sunisa went on: ‘I’ve been wanting to tell you for ages I just didn’t know how to. Having Glenn there with us, I was just too scared and nervous.’ 

When asked whether she’d done similar things before, Sunisa confessed: ‘Yeah I have. When I was 13/14 I started creating fake accounts because I wanted the attention I’ve never had. 

‘I used to be bullied at school because I was the only kid of colour and I was never popular. I thought this was the best way of getting attention and feeling what it’s like to be popular and that’s how it started.’ 

She added: ‘I just wanted to give you that closure you’ve wanted for ages so you can forget about him. I want to apologise, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you like this, I didn’t mean for it to come this far.’ 

Catching up with Oobah and Julie weeks after the revelation, Tasheeka revealed that she and Sunisa had met up with each other, and that she was actively trying to regain her trust. 

‘We met up actually’, she said, ‘She really has been trying to gain my trust back, she’s apologised everyday. I think everyone deserves a second chance and the trust will come, I’m just glad you’ve helped me find myself again.’ 

Catfish UK airs on Wednesday’s at 9pm on MTV 

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