Woman ends disaster date with the help of a ‘vomiting stranger’

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Some first dates are wonderful, but others can be an absolute train wreck. One woman told a Mumsnet forum about her worst romantic encounter to date.

The anonymous woman recalled a disastrous event from years ago, back when she was in her 20s.

She revealed that she was “totally catfished”, meaning lured into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

She told the forum: “Expecting a tall handsome man, I was greeted by a spotty, short man with his hair majorly thinning and looking double what he claimed his age to be.”

But she decided to keep calm and carry on, pulling up a chair and making the best of a bad situation.

She explained: “Being British, I decided it would be far too rude to leave.”

However, the polite single lady had made a grave error, as her disaster date spent the next 45 minutes “whinging about his bad back and other health problems”.

She knew she had to leave and decided to make her way to her car, but he “insisted” on walking her out, not letting her make a dash for it.

Absurdly, her date seemed to think it had gone really well and – “shudder” – even leaned in for a kiss.

She managed to escape the kiss – just – because a man stumbled out of the pub and threw up, causing a commotion.

The drunken vomiter ended up being the highlight of her evening as he caused enough ruckus for her to be able to get away swiftly.

She concluded: “I got in my car quickly and never saw him again. I’m still thankful for that vomiting stranger!”

A few other now mums felt her pain, and shared their own dating disasters with the group.

One revealed: “Before I met my husband, I was actually pretty lucky that I didn’t have any really horrific dates, but I did have one that had me running for the hills.

“I was 20, he was 30, we went out to dinner and the entire time he was banging on about me being his ‘dream girl’ and how I’m ‘so perfect’.

“He also wanted to take me to meet his mum the following weekend. Thank god I met him there instead of him picking me up.”

She ended the date as quickly as possible and never spoke to the super keen guy again.

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Another mum shared two dating disasters that would certainly have many single women running for the hills.

She stated: “I told a joke and he started laughing so much his false teeth fell out onto the table in front of us.”

She also dabbled a little in online dating but met one individual with a rather strange request.

She revealed that before the date, the man had the audacity to ask her to stand outside her front door while he drove past to see whether he was interested or not.

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