Woman explains how to use 'secret button' on the back of your iPhone

A woman has revealed that there is a ‘secret’ button on the back of your iPhone, and has explained exactly how to use it.

The TikTok video by user @ellyawesometech, shows Elly holding up her iPhone and raising awareness of this little-known tech hack.

The button has been a feature on the iPhone for many years, but the video has thousands of comments from people who never knew it existed.

The feature is called the ‘Back Tap’ and is an accessibility option introduced by Apple to their iPhones to give people better control over their phones.

In the video, Elly starts by saying: ‘You’re using your iPhone wrong if you’re not using the back tap feature.’

‘Yes, there’s a secret button on the back of your iPhone,’ she says, adding that she uses her back tap to easily Shazam songs that she hears.

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But, how do you use it? And why haven’t we heard about it before?

To enable back tap, as Elly explains, you need to go to your Settings app, then click on Accessibility, followed by Touch, and then scroll down to the bottom where you can click on Back Tap.

You can choose whether you want a single tap or a double tap to activate it, and add shortcuts as to what you want it to do – similar to programming your AirPods to skip or pause a song by tapping either side.

In your settings, you can use it to open certain apps, take a picture, turn on the torch, and various other processes, especially if you use it in combination with Apple’s Shortcuts apps to create more unique shortcuts.

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