Woman heartbroken by death of husband reveals how he continues to save lives

A woman heartbroken by her husband’s sudden death has revealed the amazing way he continues to save other people’s lives – and has an important message for everyone.

Hollie Tresize was shocked when her healthy 32-year-old husband Seb suddenly suffered a seizure on June 11.

Seb’s seizure caused him to go into cardiac arrest and suffer a catastrophic brain injury. He died two days later in Worthing hospital.

The couple had been happily married for two years and were looking forward to celebrating Hollie’s 30th birthday on a holiday they had booked.

Hollie told the Mirror: "I had just been told that the man I thought I’d have a long future with was going to die, I felt numb and I couldn’t believe it".

She said the nurses approached her to talk about organ donation – something she could barely process as she faced a future without Seb.

Hollie knew Seb had signed the organ donation register and remembered a conversation they had on the topic after watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy – so she quickly said yes.

"We shared the opinion that if ever our organs were no longer needed to keep us alive, but could be used to help others, then we would be willing to donate them," she said.

As a result of the decision, Hollie has learned that three people have had life-changing organ transplants – all thanks to Seb.

A girl in her 30s has had a double lung transplant, a man in his 60s has had a lifesaving liver transplant and a lady in her 50s received a new kidney after two and a half years on the waiting list.

"A tiny part of him lives on in others," Hollie explained.

"When I imagine how I’d feel if one of the recipients was a member of my family… I’m proud of Seb’s decision to donate his organs."

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Organ donation can only be done with permission. If someone’s wishes aren’t made clear, health professionals will ask family and close friends what the person would have wanted so it can be honoured.

"I think organ donation is important because it gives people a second chance at life, it saves lives," she said.

"It’s incredibly difficult to talk about organ donation because you never think that it could happen to you, but it’s really important to make your wishes known to your next of kin."

Although organ donation doesn’t stop the pain of losing a loved one, it can save other people’s lives. More information is available at the NHS Organ Donor Register.

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