Woman Mauled By MASSIVE Dog While Volunteering With Rescue Organization

A love for dogs brought a woman’s life to a sad end.  The 69-year-old victim, identified as Carol Harris, was mauled to death by an Akita while volunteering at a rescue group in Phoenix, Arizona.  According to the rescue group, Harris had been a volunteer for the rescue group for several years and frequented the facility several times per week.

According to a statement obtained by People.com, Harris was attacked in an exercise area of a pet play yard that was owned by The Canine County Club and Feline Inn. Police responded to the call after members of the facility reported that they found the dog wandering with what appeared to be blood on his mouth. They soon found Harris laying in the yard with multiple dog bites.  She was transported to a local hospital where she died from her injuries. The facility captured the animal, had him tested for rabies and confirmed that they will euthanize him.

A spokesperson for the company commented on the situation stating that it was such a tragedy and how they were at a loss for words. The business added that the rescue groups go through great efforts to ensure better lives for their animals and they are saddened by the loss of Harris. This news comes on the heels of a dog attack that happened earlier this month to a woman in Virginia who was killed by her dogs in her backyard.

The rescue group, Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona posted a statement to their Facebook page announcing the loss. “With great sadness, we share the loss of our beloved Carol Harris. She passed away today while helping rehab an orphaned Akita in the hopes of him becoming adoptable.” The post went on to state that Carol left behind her husband Ken, and many friends at the AARTA rescue group.  They solicited prayers for Carol’s family but declined to answer any questions associated with the incident.

In an effort to assist Harris’ family with funeral expenses,  AARTA founder Deb Harlow set up a Youcaring.com page.  The goal was $5,000 and they were able to raise over $10,000 for the family.

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