Woman says a psychic horse helped her find love

Why bother with swiping for hours on Tinder when a psychic horse could find you love?

Caroline Mckain, 56, says that her horse, called Fred, is responsible for her meeting her soulmate – because he told her exactly where to look, with the help of a psychic animal whisperer.

Caroline had been single for four years and thought she would never find love again.

Then one day, an animal whisperer said Caroline’s horse, Fred, had revealed that he knew exactly who would be Caroline’s soulmate.

Caroline had called in horse whisperer Beth after she thought Fred had a sore back.

Beth claims that Fred ‘spoke’ to her and revealed not only the cause of his back problems, but also told her a bunch of things about Caroline’s life – and revealed that he knew what Caroline should look for when dating to find her perfect partner: a scar on his leg.

Beth said: ‘He didn’t just tell me about Caroline’s new love interest, he could also tell the difference between which of Caroline’s two daughters rode him by stating an injury that one of her daughters had.

‘He also spoke about seeing a ghost of a black pony that sometimes visited the field and Caroline had a black pony that passed away years earlier.

‘Before Caroline told me she was selling her business Fred told me to tell her not to worry and that the buyer Caroline had would go ahead with the sale.

‘Fred told Caroline to give the buyer an ultimatum, which she did, and it worked.’

After going on to advise Caroline to sell her business and follow her passion – which she did, now running her dream furniture restoration company – Fred ‘told’ Beth his psychic predictions for where Caroline would meet her future partner.

Fred ‘said’ Caroline would meet a man from Devon with a scar on his leg, and that this man would be her soulmate.

Caroline forgot all about the prediction until a man got in touch with her on a dating site – and after meeting him near his home in Devon, she later discovered he had a scar on his leg – just like Fred had said.

Now, Caroline and Fred are planning to leave their home in Towick, to move in with that man, named Charley, – after true love blossomed.

Caroline said: ‘I can’t thank Fred enough, I thought I might never find love again but Fred knew better than I did. I’m finally happy after four years of searching.’

Fred had also predicted that the man would be tall and have dark hair, both of which were true, but said he would be ‘young’, and Charley is actually older than Caroline.

So Fred’s psychic abilities aren’t 100% reliable, but they’re pretty close.

Caroline realised Charley was the one when she met up with him in Devon and he started to tell her about an operation he’d had when he was young – then lifted up his trouser leg to show Caroline the scar.

‘That’s when I knew he was my soulmate,’ said Caroline.

‘We met up in Devon again and he came and picked me and my friends up on a boat, which was another thing that made sense because Fred said that the soul mate would spend a lot of time on the water.

‘We officially got together last year and now we’re buying a house together in Devon and living together.

‘I know it sounds odd that my horse helped me find love but that is quite literally what happened, and I couldn’t be happier.

‘Fred seemingly knew that after four years of being single I was about to have my happily ever after and without him I probably would never have bothered meeting Charley.

‘Charley and I instantly clocked, I thought he looked extremely hot on his boat and we kept dating.

‘With Fred I might never have found true love, and I have him and Beth to thanks for pointing me in the direction I needed to head in.’

Crediting Fred and Beth with changing her life for the better, Caroline is a massive fan of animal whispering and recommends it to everyone.

‘Animals whispering really does work, it has helped me countless times in my personal and professional life and I can’t thank Beth and Fred enough for guiding me on my new path,’ Caroline said.

‘The only thing that was off was that Fred said Charley would be younger, but I think that’s where there was confusion because Charley is so young in his head, you would never think he was in his sixties.

Charley added: ‘I was so surprised when Caroline told me about Fred, I had no idea that she was looking for a man with a scar on his leg.

‘I’m much of a horsey person but Fred is a real character, I like him a lot.’

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