Woman shares the safety hack she uses in all Ubers and rideshares

Woman reveals simple Uber safety hack for dangerous situations: ‘This is terrifying and clever at the same time’

  • A US woman has revealed what she leaves hair and fingerprints in all her Ubers
  • The hack ensures there is definitive evidence she was in the rideshare 
  • She shared the tip in a video posted to TikTok which drew in 27million views
  • Many were thankful for the ‘smart’ trick and others shares their own safety hacks 

A woman has revealed the two things she always does in any Uber or rideshare service in the case she finds herself in a dangerous situation. 

In a video posted to TikTok, the American woman said she drops strands of hair and makes fingerprints in the back of every Uber she uses to leave evidence she was there.

The informative clip has racked up more than  27.5million views and sparked a lively discussion between women in the comments as they shared their own safety hacks and scary experiences. 

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An American woman has gone hugely viral on TikTok after she revealed the simple safety hack she recommends all women do in Ubers and rideshare services

She said she drops strands of hair and makes fingerprints in the back of every Uber she uses to leave evidence she was there

‘Ever since a girl on TikTok said she leaves hair and fingerprints in all her Ubers, I leave hair and fingerprints in all my Ubers,’ the woman wrote in the clip captioned: ‘Ladies amirite #lovebeingawoman’. 

Many in the comments were thankful for the ‘clever’ advice while others shared their own experiences of feeling unsafe in rideshares and taxis. 

‘How sad we have to do this,’ one woman said while another replied: ‘Terrifying and clever at the same time’. 

‘Wow I never even thought about this,’ a third wrote. 

‘I had an Uber driver lock me in his car until I gave him five stars and a nice comment,’ another recalled. 

Not everyone understood the subtle trick but one viewer explained: ‘It’s in case something happens so the fingerprints and hair can be traced’.

Others revealed their own tips and tricks for ensuring they are safe when being driven somewhere by a stranger. 

‘I always pretend I’m on the phone with someone as I enter. I’ll usually be like ‘okay I’m getting in the Uber, I’ll send you my location, love you, bye’,’ a woman responded. 

‘Set your Uber name to a guy’s name. It will look like a dad/boyfriend/boss ordered it for you, thus you have someone waiting for you,’ a second shared. 

‘Get in, open the door again always. Act like it didn’t close right. Make sure there’s no child lock on!’ another recommended.

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