Woman spills 22 quarts of ranch dressing and it’s glorious

No crying over spilled ranch!

One Twittizen has made light of his co-worker’s heavy spill of a whopping 5.5 gallons of ranch dressing, sharing footage of the accident and its aftermath in a video that has since been viewed over seven million times.

“So a couple days ago, one of my coworkers accidentally let 22 quarts of ranch dressing slip out of her hand…” Twitter user @BorboaGrant of California wrote online on March 18. The post has gone massively viral, winning more than 475,000 likes and sparked nearly 4,000 comments.

In the 18-second clip, the man’s female co-worker can be seen shaking off ranch from her face and arms, apparently in stunned shock over the accident. The video then cuts to surveillance footage of the staffer rounding a corner in the kitchen, before losing her footing unexpectedly and falling — vaulting the gallons of ranch into the air in the process.

“Oh my gosh,” a voice from behind the camera exclaims in shock, as other voices laugh and cackle.

Twitter users, meanwhile, rallied around the food service worker’s funny fail and shared similar stories of their own in support.

“Been there bro, dropped a 22qt of pizza sauce in the walk-in and all over myself….when I was new,” one user dished. “You haven’t truly worked in food until you’ve experienced some kind of tragedy.”

“Worked at a pizza restaurant, had a lunch buffet. Co-worker no showed. Of course, it got packed. I served every table, even the 9 top, THAT I SPILLED 9 PEPSI’S ON,” another revealed. “Lesson: don’t try to do it all, sometimes the customer will have to wait.”

Other Twitter users, too, jovially shared comparable clips of other food spill fails captured in food service kitchens, starring barbeque sauce, margarita mix, sweet tea, iced coffee and more.

Some kindred spirits even posted footage of similar encounters with ranch dressing gone wrong as well.

“18 quarts. glad i’m not the only one” one commenter offered in solidarity.

“Its always ranch,” another empathizer agreed.

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